Zews and Bowen

April 23/19- Zeus
About two months ago now our Great Dane Zeus, had lost his function of his back legs and unable to walk or bare weight due to wobblers. After visiting the vet., we were essentially told there is nothing else to do and the wobblers has progressed to far. Zeus was maxed out on Tramadol, Medicam, and Gabapentin to try and help manage pain and hopefully reduce swelling to allow his to gain function back. After a week of seeing no improvements and this condition taking away Zeus’s quality of life, we had a very tough decision to make. We had placed a call in to Francine at Paws at Rest to book an appointment for euthanasia. Francine let us know she has been taking her k9 Bowens Therapy course and offered to do a couple treatments on Zeus. As we wanted to know we tried absolutely everything possible we agreed, and so grateful and happy we did!
We are absolutely blown away with the results! Zeus literally walked himself out of the office (with some help of course) after the 1st session after losing complete control and coordination of his hind end. Francine initially saw Zeus 3 times a week for a month and now he’s seen every 5-7 days depending on how the treatment takes. As this was something totally unknown to us, Francine was sure to explain everything from how it works to what to expect and things to watch out for. Most importantly Francine puts Zeus first, and hes 110% comfortable and loves each and every treatment. Francine works with Zeus as if he is her own and going to Bowen Therapy has become a highlight that Zeus gets so excited for and acts as if its his second home. Zeus loves his visits from Maria who is always sure to stop by to check on him to say hi! She is even nice enough to clear the yard so Zeus can stretch and explore after his treatment!

The improvements we have seen in Zeus and his strength and mobility have been nothing short of a miracle! Zeus has a better gate, more mobility and strength and overall a better quality of life thanks to Francine and k9 Bowen therapy! He has stopped needing Tramadol and Medicam and only takes a small dose of Gabapentin daily.This treatment literally saved Zeus’s life and we are forever grateful for all the extra time we are getting with our big boy!!

Thank you so much!!!! We are forever grateful to Francine, Maria and k9 Bowens for saving Zeus and allowing him to stay here with us longer.

Les and Jay Abramovitch