The Last Battle

We are always filled with mixed emotions when we are faced with the decision to euthanize our pet. We ask if it is actually the right time or are we misreading the situation.
When we look at our suffering pet we know that we should take this opportunity to sit back and reflect on whether we are keeping our pet alive for us or for them. Will the problems that they are having get any better? Do they have quality of life? Are they suffering? While we are contemplating these questions we can also reflect on the unconditional love and happiness that we have received from them during the course of our lifetime together and ask ourselves is it time to return the love by letting them go?
It is never easy to make this decision, but, when we think about it, all decisions that are meaningful are hard decisions, they are never easy. That does not mean that it is not the right decision.
Yes, we go through the grief cycle when we lose someone or something that is dear to us. Once the raw feelings from losing our pet have passed we usually have a feeling of peace. We were there for them until the end and the fond memories and joy that we shared during our time together become a comfort.

The following poem may help you see that making the decision to euthanize your pet is after all an expression of love.

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