May 12th, 2017

The day I had to make the decision to put my Golden Retriever, Willow, to sleep was the hardest day of my life. Through my experience with Francine, this horrible day was made a bit better. I made the call to Paws at Rest and within an hour Francine and the vet were at my house to help guide Willow to the other side. Willow was able to stay at home and be comfortable in her favourite place as she passed. I was given time to say goodbye and when she had to be taken from our home, she was carried out looking like the queen she was.

When we went to pick up her ashes, a beautiful memorial was set up which helped make this otherwise awful experience something I will cherish. What Francine and Maria do is an amazing gift to anyone whose pet is a beloved member of the family. They made me feel at peace with my decision and helped to give me closure.

I can’t thank them enough for their compassion and caring at the worst time.

Robyne Ahmed

March 25th, 2017

I cannot say enough about the compassion and caring we received from Francine and Maria. We lost two of our fur babies close together and they helped us in more ways that I can say. With compassion, they came and with caring, they took care of our fur babies for us. The respect and understanding of what a difficult time it was for us was such a comfort. When we came to pick them up we were welcomed into a lovely memorial set up for our girls. It was very moving and truly beautiful. I cannot express the gratitude to these ladies for their thoughtfulness in all they do for the bereaved parents of fur babies – they are truly two in a million!

Lynn & Gary

January 26th, 2017

Dear Paws at Rest, (Francine and Maria)

I wanted to take the time to express how much we appreciated your help during one of our hardest times in our lives. No words can ever describe the gratitude we feel for your support. This is the second time you have helped us putting our dogs at rest and the dedication you have shown to my family goes beyond anything we could ever imagine. Even after 1 month after our beloved Bluejeans left us, you are still there ready and willing to help us through our grief. Again, no words can describe how appreciated you have been. We are blessed to have found people with so much love and compassion for animals. God Bless you!

Natacha Savage

dscn3900September 16th, 2016

After losing our fur baby Maggie, this week, we contacted PAWS AT REST to have her cremated.
We just picked up our beautiful fur baby Maggie’s ashes from PAWS AT REST, a Pet Funeral Home and cremation for pets, and Spaw for pets I cannot say enough about “Paws at Rest”, Francine and Maria, are two very AWESOME ladies, wow it was hard, but Francine and Maria were very good and made us comfortable and had a lovely layout setup. A small urn with her ashes, a picture of Maggie, a napkin with her name on it, drawn by Maria, a small plant, a heart shaped container with some of her fur, and a candle.
We talked about things and Francine took out her 2 babies,both beautiful small dogs.
Then took us out to the garden where I placed a small brass plaque on the wall, of the Rainbow Bridge.
I would certainly recommend PAWS AT REST, for their fur babies and send friends there. Would like to thank these 2 ladies for their SINCERE and CARING support.

Gord & Joan Deagle

Lucifer& ZenaJuly 15th, 2016

Thanks very much Francine & Maria for your kindness and compassion.
Al and I went to pick up Lucifer & Zena’s Ashes at Paws at Rest and this is how they had it all setup, it was so beautiful and we get to keep the Picture Frame, the Hand Made Mat with their names on it and the Flowers and Candle. Also, there were two Brass Plaques with their names to be placed on the Memorial Wall in the Memorial Garden. Francine & Maria are the owners of Paws at Rest and made Al and I feel at peace with our loss.

Sue Milner

July 6th, 2016

Good Afternoon Francine,

Dean and I would again like to thank you for everything you have done for us,  you made us feel good about handing over our fur baby to you and that you will treat him like he was your own pet.  Your compassion, understanding and kindness goes over and beyond what anyone would do.

It makes us feel good to know that there is a place like Paws at Rest that will handle the final end of our beloved fur baby Chief.

And for being human and sharing in our grief like he was your pet as well.

Joan, Dean, Family and Moe

June 26th, 2016

The attention to detail that Francine and Maria put forth was incredible. They certainly help soften the blow of Polo’s passing. The personal added by both of them really was outstanding. Maria’s mat, Francine’s kind words and attention, and the final presentation at my home the African violet, everything just blew my mind. Thank you ladies for the love and attention you have shown Cannelle, Nikko and I. I’m honestly sleeping better since Polo is back home with us.

PS the price is unbeatable guys. I shopped around and no one came close to matching them.


June 6th, 2016

In January of this year, it seemed that the health of my precious 14-year-old Cocker Spaniel, Max, was failing.  My previous spaniel, McGregor, was euthanized at home and that was something I wanted to do again.  To that end, I researched companies that would arrange for cremation and the return of the ashes.  Francine was the only person with whom I spoke that I would consider based on her compassion and understanding.  She came to my home, met Max, and we made the arrangements.  Fortunately, Max rallied for a while longer, but then he went rapidly downhill.  I called Francine and told her that I had arranged for the vet to come to my home the following weekend on April 24th.  This allowed time for those who loved my little boy to come and say their goodbyes.  Many of our dear friends wanted to be here when he breathed his last, so surrounded by these people, Dr. Rahina White gave him the injection as I held him in my arms.  We raised a toast to celebrate his life and the love he so readily gave to everyone.

We took Max out to Paws at Rest and laid him on a bier.  I was not rushed through the process of letting Max out of my arms.  We then toured the gardens and memorials with both Francine and Maria.  Four days later, they returned with a beautiful tribute to my little boy – his urn with a heart-shaped piece of wood carved with his name, a heart-shaped box with a clipping of his hair, his photo and “Max’s Song” poem in a frame and another poem inserted into an African violet plant, all laid out on fabric that had been hand painted with a rainbow bridge and his name.  I was overwhelmed with gratitude by this remarkable tribute to an exceptional life.

Francine and Maria are the most incredible people, taking care of all the details, treating everyone and their pets with the greatest of respect, providing hugs, telling me their story of loss, calling daily to ensure that I was alright and grieving appropriately.  It didn’t end there; they are still available to help me through this heartbreaking time.  These two ladies have such empathy, warmth, love and tenderness in them.  One couldn’t possibly ask for more.

Many of my friends have aging dogs and I have recommended that if they want more than termination of life at the vet’s office, then Paws at Rest is the only place to go.  I know they will bond with Francine and Maria just as I did.

Nancy Fairfield

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