December 17, 2018

Hello Francine and Maria
We can not thank you enough for your kindness and attention to detail with our beautiful girl Elektra. Coming home was rough as expected , the house just does not feel the same. Our memories will forever be of her loving nature and passion to please.
Your kindness will not be forgotten.

Your new friends Jackie , Rob and Jacob

December 5, 2018

Dear Francine and Maria,
We would like to thank you for the exceptional care you showed to our Maggie, your kindness and compassion were greatly appreciated. Your service went beyond expectations and our Maggie could not have been in better hands.
The Johnson family

July 24, 2018

Dear Francine and Maria,
I cannot say in words how grateful I am to you both for what you do.
You made this difficult time for me, as beautiful as it could be.
The special care my Rocky Bear has been given is exactly what he deserves.
Yesterday was a sad day and amazingly beautiful at the same time, because of what you did for me, my Rocky Bear and my son.
Thank you doesn’t express what I think and feel towards your caring support.
And yesterday, I thanked Owen for his priceless legacy.
Sweet Owen and Rocky Bear can be together now.
I truly hope you continue to do what you do, forever.
I will be certain to spread the word about Paws at Rest.
Forever grateful xoxoxo

May 15, 2018

When our pet became suddenly ill and died a week later in March, our family had not processed a death of this magnitude and suddenly needed to make arrangements that were unexpected and very difficult, emotionally.
I began to look into cremation options and learned that our vet offered an option, but I wanted something a little more personal as our cat was a member of our family and I couldn’t fathom a ‘cold’ recovery by a business truck with our ashes returned by someone who we had never met or spoken with.
I mentioned to a close friend of our situation and she told me about Paws at Rest, a local funeral service for pets, as her family had engaged their services upon the death of their beloved dog.
I contacted Paws at Rest via email, and was so warmed by the sensitive and kind response that was focused on us and our grieving state. I have never had to plan a funeral, let alone cremation options and Francine was so kind and warm and patient as I asked questions and was seized making decisions in the midst of our grief.
To discuss our family’s wishes and anticipations, Francine took care of the arrangements to collect our beloved Dora’s body from the veterinary office and organize the cremation services. She brought our Dora ‘home’ in a small bed which I felt was such a dignified service.
Francine visited me at our home and very gently walked me through the service and steps, and helped us to select a beautiful wooden urn and we selected the option to have clippings of our Dora’s fur, and a paw print. She kept in touch during the process and when her ashes were ready to collect, we went out to their property, which is a peaceful sanctuary with a garden dedicated to lost (pet) loved ones.
When we arrived at our appointment to collect our ashes, I did not really know what to expect. What Francine and Maria set up for us is beyond anything I expected and we were visibly moved. In their small chapel/viewing room, was a beautiful display similar that you would see at a human funeral visitation. Dora’s urn, her photo, a beautiful poem in a frame, a candle, handcrafted personalized keepsakes, and soft beautiful music played. It was so moving and I was stuck by the level of care and love to celebrate our beloved Dora’s precious life. I remarked to my children that what Paws at Rest did for Dora was more than some people get in a human death/funeral.
Following a period of soft chat and remembering our Dora, our family moved out to the garden area at Paws at Rest where a Rememberance memorial wall contained plaques of lost furry family members, adorned with small brass plaques. We installed one with Dora’s name and date of death. The garden is beautiful and peaceful and Francine invited us to return whenever we wanted to visit the wall and sit amongst the flowers and peaceful air while we fondly remembered our Dora..
I can’t say enough about the quality of service, the compassion and true care we received at a time when our emotions were distraught and our hearts were broken. I did shop around and the price of the services were the best out there and the testimonials of Paws at Rest were hands down the highest.
I would highly recommend Paws at Rest should you need this type of care and service from a local family who truly understands pet loss and bereavement. Thank you Francine and Maria.

Cathi Holmes

May 6, 2018

Thank you very much, Francine and Maria, for your exceptional service and care after the loss of our cat, Smaug. We very much appreciate the personalized service and especially your kindness and compassion during such a difficult time. We highly recommend and value the service we received from Paws at Rest.

Ellen Rae

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