January 8, 2021

We knew we were nearing the time to make a decision about euthanasia for our much loved cat Lexi. We did not expect to be faced with suddenly having to make this decision on Christmas Eve. That evening we began the search online and thankfully we found Paws at Rest. An email was sent out expecting to only hear back from them after Christmas but Francine promptly emailed back that evening. A very reassuring and informative phone call provided us with options and we arranged to contact her again on Christmas Day and set things up for the following day. Francine made all the arrangements with a mobile vet. She was extremely compassionate and professional in her work and this allowed us to focus on making our cats last day with us as meaningful as possible. On the day of euthanasia, Francine arrived to organize the paperwork and the mobile vet arrived as scheduled. The vet was also very professional and made the entire process as stress free as possible for Lexi and both of us. Francine left us with comforting information and a lovely personalized memento from Maria that helped us in the coming days. We were touched when we arrived to pick up Lexi’s ashes with the beautiful personalized display that awaited us prepared by Maria and Francine. We also had the opportunity to place her plaque on a beautiful outdoor remembrance wall in their garden. The support received by Paws at Rest was beyond anything we expected and it’s obvious that they are very caring people and truly animal lovers who understand the loss of a beloved pet and want to help others through their loss. We are so grateful we found Paws at Rest and Francine and Maria are very special people who helped us beyond what they’ll ever know. We highly recommend their service.

Linda and Tom

December 17, 2020

When we knew our much cherished family member, Dexter Wallace, time was approaching we wanted to do it 100% properly, so as to ensure he was treated with the dignity and respect, he so rightful deserved.
About a year or so before our sad day, we had spoke to a neighbour who loved golden retrievers and when his friend’s time came he used the services of Paws at Rest. He spoke very highly of the company and level of service.
Because Dexter was such a cherished family member we definitely wanted to do him right and we contacted Paws at Rest.
When we made contact we spoke to one of the owners Francine, she proved to be very informative, professional and very sensitive to our decision at hand. On the day in question, Francine and co-owner Maria arrived a half hour early as promised.
Francine walked us through the paperwork and procedure in a professional manner sensitive to our pain. It was obvious she was a pet owner and a true friend to animals. At all times Dexter was treated with the utmost dignity and respect and I truly mean that.
At a time when things are at their toughest, it is nice to know there are people who still care.
We are glad we put our confidence in you and your presence made our troubled times a little easier. The memorial you have at your home was remarkable and has helped in a closure, as we know Dexter was handled with love and dignity.
Thanks again as it was much appreciated.

Rob and Dora

October 30, 2020

Three weeks ago, my husband and I made the heartwrenching decision to say goodbye to our beloved 13.5 yr old chocolate lab Chloe. As hard as it was to let her go, we saw her steadily decline and we knew we had to do the kindest thing for her. It was my fervent wish that, when the time came, she could “go to sleep” at home, in her comfortable bed, surrounded by her favorite toys and her loving family. I knew that, at this time, with all the covid restrictions in place this might not even be an option. I had heard stories from neighbours and friends who were not even allowed into their vet clinics with their pet, for euthanasia, and had to say goodbye in the parking lot of the clinic. I could not even imagine having to do this.
My search led me to Paws at Rest and two amazing ladies, Francine and Maria. I only had to make one phone call and they did the rest. Francine arranged for a vet to come to our home the next afternoon and made arrangements for all the necessary aftercare. She was so kind and caring with everything she said and did. Her presence and quiet strength was so comforting to us at a time when we desperately needed it. Both she and Dr. “O” along with his assistant Morgan, were so understanding and respectful, and gave us all the time we needed to say our final goodbye.
Paws at Rest is a wonderful company and provides an invaluable service. Everything they do is unbelievably well thought out and incredibly touching. From the lovely box containing the butterfly, that Francine gave us at our home ”When tomorrow starts without me,” and how true those words are!
The memorial that they had set up for Chloe when we went to pick her up was unbelievable. Maria had even hand-painted a picture of Chloe on a beautiful cloth placed on the table beside her urn.
We were able to go out to the memorial wall where my husband placed the plaque with her name and date, a lasting tribute to a much loved family member.
I would highly recommend Paws at Rest, without hesitation, to anyone faced with this heartbreaking decision.

Brian and Wendy Eadie
Long Sault, On.

October 29, 2020

We lost our dog Destiny on thanksgiving weekend, and Paws at Rest was the only place to bring her. The service provided was absolutely amazing and more than we could have ever asked for. Francine made this hard time a little easier to get through and made the process go as smoothly as possible. We will forever be thankful that we found Paws at Rest during this difficult time.

– The Wehbe’s

September 9, 2020

August 12th is always going to be etched into our hearts. Despite putting up a big fight to continuously give us smiles, our beloved Bentley passed away on this very afternoon.

Truth be told, we knew with Bentley’s condition, that the day we would have to say our goodbyes was coming. However, nothing, and I mean nothing could prepare oneself for losing such a presence in our family. Despite being shy of five pounds, the love and positivity that Bentley brought to our lives each and every day was undeniable and it will always be difficult to replace, if even possible.

Fortunately, Bentley didn’t leave us to grieve alone, he blessed us with crossing our paths with both Francine and Maria via Paws at Rest. Both Francine and Maria have a one-of-a-kind soul and the support they provide through their services provided us with the comfort we needed to get back on our feet. We thank Paws at Rest for everything they have done for us and for letting us know that Bentley has blissfully crossed the rainbow bridge. We will always cherish the little treasures you accompanied with Bentley’s ashes as a means to remember and celebrate his life.

Paws at Rest is one of the most respectful, kind, and professional businesses we have interacted with. We cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for us and we are grateful to know that we can now commemorate Bentley through his little plaque in your peaceful garden. Though this process of grief and loss has been hard, we are grateful for the new friends we have found in the process – almost as if it was a parting gift from Bentley himself.

With much love and gratitude,
The Trivedi’s

August 1, 2020

Paws at Rest was there for us .Our dog, Crunch, passed away at home we were lost and not sure beyond taking her to the vet on the next step. Through a search I found Paws at Rest. Almost immediately we had an appointment .All was taken care of and with compassion often reserved for human members of the family we had our goodbyes and closure we needed. If you have a four legged family member pass I recommend Paws at Rest without reservation. They also have a memorial wall so you can visit at any time as you need.

Dave Hendsbee

July 23, 2020

Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is never easy but we were overwhelmed by the comfort and compassion provided by Paws at Rest. They took the time to carefully explain the process over the phone and answered every question we had. Once they arrived at our house they were incredibly patient and empathetic and showed incredible attention to detail. The memorial that was prepared for Kodah when we came to pick up the urn far exceeded our already high expectations of how much Paws at Rest truly care about the pets and owners they work with. On one of the worst days of our lives, you made it easier on us and we couldn’t recommend you highly enough.

Amanda Montgomery

July 13, 2020

I want to start off by again Thanking you both so much. You guys made loosing Tucker a bit easier. We recently went camping this passed weekend at a cabin in the bush. We were swarmed in Monarch Butterflies. We have lots of pictures of this one that kept following the boys around and landing on them and staying on them for quite awhile. That butterfly box you guys gave us the day after tucker passed means so much more then you could ever imagine. It made us believe Tucker is still with us and got to enjoy our camping trip with us. Words can never explain how amazing you both are. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

June 12, 2020

Thank you, Francine and Maria for your personal and professional care with the loss of our beloved dog. From the moment we brought Dallas to you, the understanding and empathy you showed helped us get through a most difficult time. Your attention to detail is something that was not expected but extremely appreciated. The personal mementoes will be something we cherish for the rest of our lives.
Again, thank you for everything,
John & Lorraine Keane

May 5, 2020

Thank you Francine and Maria for the care and compassion you showed us and our dear little Shiraz. From the time we dropped her off to you we felt she was in good loving hands and the display when we picked her up was beautiful. The picture and poem, the hand drawing from Maria are all wonderful momentos of a much loved pet. Thank you for making this difficult time so much easier.
Caroline Dueck

May 5, 2020

My wife and I wanted to convey heartfelt thanks for the excellent manner in which you dealt with our loss. Your caring, understanding, and empathy shown were exemplary. You dealt with our pet Tyson with the utmost respect and dignity. Having to lose him after 17 plus years was painful and devastating. However, your calm and sensitive manner helped us greatly in dealing with our loss.

Your excellent professional assistance and sensitive attention to detail throughout the process provided us with emotional strength and comfort.

Once again, thank you for all your help and support during this most difficult time.

Pina and Marcello

February 22nd, 2020

This company is absolutely amazing. We contacted them when our cat Louis died and they were so caring and everything they did for us and him was wonderful.

They came and picked him up and Francine was so kind and easy to talk to. She gave us little things like poems, a little metal heart with a poem, and a small beautiful paper box with a butterfly on it. I got my dad to drill a little hole in the corner of the metal heart and I made a key chain out of it and hung it on the mirror in my car and it’s a sweet reminder of Louis.

When we went to pick him up the room was set up beautifully and there was a lovely set up for Louis. There was a picture of him with a poem beside it and the frame was gorgeous as well. The urn was perfect and there was a little heart shaped container with some of his hair. Everything was on top of a piece of material which had a hand painted picture of Louis with a butterfly on his nose with his name underneath. The whole set up was amazing, I cried when I saw it.

These ladies are so kind and caring. They’re the best pet funeral service. The amount of care they put into the loss of your animal is amazing. They go above and beyond expectations. Their prices and services are better compared to everywhere else. The experience of a pet loss is so emotional and paws at rest provides you with amazing services that honour your pet and allow this time to be more easier for you.

Thank you so much paws at rest for being so kind and genuine. You are the best at what you do.

Suzi Roy

May 17, 2019

When our little Bistro passed away at home there was no doubt that he would be cremated, we had done this before with our previous pets in order to honour their lives and provide us with a lasting memory of the many years of love and pleasure they provided us.
My wife and I were surprised to find a facility providing the help we needed right here in North Gower.
From the first phone call to Paws at Rest the morning of Bistros passing, thru the few hours later when we met Francine for the first time, we knew this was going to be simpler, easier and more comfortable than expected.
With Francine we felt we were in good hands, her office was not clinical, as we had experienced with past pet cremations, but uniquely welcoming to both of us and Bistro. Francine was genuinely empathetic to our loss, professional and thorough in explaining our options and at the end of the day both Francine and Maria provided a service beyond our expectations.
Paws at Rest, Francine and Maria, are uniquely qualified to do the outstanding job they do and we thank them both for helping us to honour Bistros memory.

Melina and Ian

April 23, 2019 – Scotia

I had the pleasure of meeting Francine while teaching a first aid course and learned all about the work she does both with her kennel and Paws at Rest. Francine was caring, attentive, and clearly very passionate about her work and the families she provides support to.

In December 2018 my wife and I had learned our 13.5 black lab Scotia had cancer and her time was limited. Sadly her time came much quicker than we could have ever expected and we had to make one of the toughest decision in our lives, to let her go. We placed a call to Francine and Maria at Paws at Rest to help us through this emotional and difficult process. Our main priority and concern was that our Scotia was treated with dignity, respect, and with the utmost comfort and ease for her end of life care. From the very first phone call we placed we received not customer service, not a cookie cutter run of the mill service. Francine provided personal, individualized, and prompt support as if Scotia was her pet and we were family. Francine sat with Scotia and my wife and I and spent time learning about Scotia and explaining to us all our options and what to expect. Francine brought Dr. Kitchen in to perform the procedure, who was absolutely amazing. Dr. Kitchen sat with us for quite some time explaining exactly what we would see/ could expect during the procedure. We were given all the time we needed and were not rushed. Francine and Dr. Kitchen were even kind enough to let us face-time the procedure for Scotia’s old owners so they could be part of it. Once the procedure was complete we all sat and shared stories and memories of Scotia, than Francine invited our other 2 dogs to come pay their respects and say bye to Scotia. She was peacefully placed in a comfortable bed with her blankets, favorite ball, and leash. We were given the option of helping carry her out to the van, which was very emotional, but such an honor. Francine kept in touch with us over the next week and provide updates and to make sure we were holding up ok, and made sure we knew she was a call or email away if we needed anything.

When Scotia was ready to be picked up after cremation Francine booked us in for private appointment at their office in North Gower. When we arrived we were blown away with the beautiful display Francine and Maria had made to display Scotia. There were beautiful candles and flowers, and a custom hand drawn cloth with a rainbow and Scotia’s name on it. We were also surprised with a special ornament with Scotia’s picture in it. We were then invited to walk out the garden to place Scotia’s plaque on the memorial wall. This was such a touching tribute to Scotia and something we will continue to visit!

We are so grateful that we crossed paths with Francine and Paws at Rest and would highly recommend their support during your pets end of life transition. This is how all pets should leave this world!

Jay and Leslie Abramovitch

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