June 7, 2024

This is our second time using Paws at Rest for our pet funeral services. Francine and Maria have always been so kind and supportive, I would never even consider going to another funeral service company. They are extremely responsive to emails, and everything they provide is so beautiful and full of personal creative touches. The little extra things Paws at Rest provides will always be cherished and make me think of my sweetest Sirius. Every part of my experiences with them have been thoughtful and comforting. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else for pet funeral services.

February 3, 2024

Paws at Rest is the best pet funeral service in the Ottawa area by far. Francine and Maria run their business with genuine kindness and compassion, and this is shown in the beautiful creative and personal touches they include in their services. The Paws at Rest team shows a deep respect for all animals and their families, and you can trust them to take care of your beloved fur baby until you are with them again. Losing our sweet Sonorus was extremely difficult for our family, but Francine and Maria made our time grieving much easier by providing us kindness and support throughout the process. I will recommend Paws at Rest to everyone I know with a pet.

October 15, 2023

We are writing to express our heartfelt gratitude and deep appreciation for the compassionate care you all provided to our beloved fur baby Jello, before, during and after the recent at home euthanasia.
Your calm presence during such a challenging time meant the world to us, and we are forever grateful for your kindness and understanding.
Jello was not just a pet to us, she was and always will be a cherished member of our family.
As you know, she was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer and it was an incredibly difficult decision to make the choice of euthanasia.
However, your guidance, patience, and gentle reassurance helped us navigate this emotional journey as a family, with both compassion and dignity.
From the moment you arrived at our home, it was evident that you truly care about the well-being of animals and their families.
Your calm and gentle demeanour provided comfort not only to Jello, but also to us, as we struggled to come to terms with our imminent loss. Your willingness to take the time to listen to our concerns, respond kindly to our requests and offer professional insights was invaluable and meant so much to us during this difficult time.
The way the euthanasia process was handled was nothing short of remarkable. Your gentle touch, coupled with deep respect for Jellos comfort and peace demonstrated your unwavering dedication to your profession and genuine love for animals. You allowed us to say our final goodbyes in the privacy and familiarity of our home, which brought us and Jello immeasurable solace and made a heartbreaking experience more bearable.
Losing Jello has left a void in our lives, but we take comfort in knowing Jello passed away peacefully, in less pain than nature would allow otherwise and surrounded by such immense love and compassion.
The care and compassion provided by you during this time will forever be etched in our hearts. We are immensely grateful for your commitment to easing Jellos suffering and ensuring she crossed the rainbow bridge with care and dignity.
Once again, thank you from the bottom of our broken hearts for your exceptional care and support. We are incredibly fortunate to have had you by our side, and we will always remember your compassion, kindness and professionalism.
There were so many moments that were unique to our experience with all you separately. I want to capture a few that stand out to me personally….Francine, you were so helpful and kind sharing your past stories with us over your personal pet losses and how your pets grieved after the loss of their family members. Viewing the body has helped our pets too. They needed a few days to lay low and process, but are adjusting beautifully and even showing such physical support to us and each other. (Cuddling more than usual and sitting closer to the dog and all of us during sadness). Thank you for normalizing this experience.

Dr. D…You went the extra mile to show the family the cancer we needed to see under our cats tongue after euthanasia. It provided much needed closure to the stage of denial within our grief that we all experienced. Thank you so much for taking that extra time.

Maria…I believe my partner spoke with you on the phone and the feedback from Jenn was always so positive and appreciative of the interactions. Thank you for being there on that call with my grieving and anxious family member to answer any questions she had in reference to rebooking the procedure with empathy. We both were concerned about inconveniencing everyone and also not yet ready to let Jello go and needed more time to give the younger family members the time and space to process the transition as well as spoil our fur baby in her final 8 days left on earth. Thank you for being so understanding. It was exactly the response we all needed from you.


Catherine and Family

July 22, 2023

Paws at Rest was extremely caring, accommodating, and put a significant amount of effort into our ceremony. There is not a single thing we would’ve changed about it all. Francine is such a sweet woman and she was very kind to us the whole time. The details for each of the items given to us is amazing – many things that Moki will be remembered by. Maria did a fantastic job and draws such accurate pictures of your pet with kind words, so very thoughtful!
Even after everything was done, Francine was still compassionate and offered her assistance if we needed anything else. An outstanding service and experience that will stay in our hearts forever.

Thanks, Jason, Dania, and Kyarah

June 12, 2023

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your kindness , professionalism and support through the last few months and most recently last days of Kobe’s life. As you know the decision was a tough one to know when the time was right , with our last minute call to move up our appointment we were so extremely relieved that you and the vet were able to come last Wednesday evening . Comfort knowing he is at rest , and how comforting it was to be together in our home for Kobe’s last breaths . Thank you for all you do.

Stephen , Ella , Rebecca , Shannon and Junior

June 9, 2023

We are profoundly thankful for the loving, calm and professional care and advice we received from Francine & Maria in taking care of our Maggie (our Angel with fur) who tragically passed on May 9, 2023 at 9 1/2 years of age.

Paws at Rest treated our Maggie with immense dignity and respect, providing comforting assurance re the cremation process and funeral options. Losing Maggie suddenly was overwhelming for us, and we are very grateful for their personal advice and information brochures that contained comforting content and hope as we move forward in the grieving process.

The personal framed “Maggie’s Song” with her photo and artwork by Maria are cherished keepsakes of comfort. Thank you so much for such kindness. They have a special place in our home.

Our Maggie was a Shih Tzu/Poodle (Shih-Poo) mix, a gentle soul who rapidly succumbed to kidney failure from a late diagnosis of tick borne disease. We ask everyone to be alert to their pets health especially if outdoors at lot and socializing with other animals. Checking for ticks and getting vaccinated is so crucial in these changing times.

We take comfort knowing “Someday we will play again together” Maggie!


Gerry & Heather Brousseau

March 2023

Can’t say enough about the professional and personal care that Francine and Maria provide us from kenneling our pet over the years to coordinating end of life. In our case it was even more traumatic as we were away and unable to return home in time, our dog was in a bad way, we called Francine at Paws at Rest and she immediately started to make the necessary arrangements.
This was a huge relief to us as we knew we were in great hands.
They created a beautiful personal memorial in their pet parlour for us to say goodbye.

They were there for us.

Forever Grateful
Biemans Family

March 2023

I just wanted to say on behalf of Lucy and myself how thankful we are to have found you in this very difficult time. Losing Hanna so suddenly was very hard but you made a tough time easier to bear. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts Lucy and John.

Feb 27, 2023

Hi. I’m so happy to have found you. It was the most pleasant way to say goodbye to a loved one. You and your partner made it special. Thank you
S. Martin

October 1, 2022

My girl Pepper was very ill and although I did not want to think of it, I wanted to make sure I was as prepared as I could be. I was told about Paws at Rest and when I read their story, I knew that my baby would receive the best after care she deserved. The morning before we received Pepper’s cancer diagnosis, I called to inquire about the process and spoke with Francine. She took the time to explain, listen and displayed so much compassion and care. This solidified my decision further. Later that day, we received the news from the vet and I called Francine back to let her know and she was again so supportive and caring. We scheduled our final visit with Pepper before we said our goodbyes that evening and was by her side when she passed at the vet. Francine allowed us the time to say goodbye and bring Pepper back home first to allow our other animals to say goodbye before bringing her to Paws at Rest. It was 10:40pm by the time we arrived and we were welcomed in. She was laid onto a bed with a blanket over her, the room was quiet and calm. We were given as much time possible to be with her and exchanged stories and memories. We chose her urn and keepsakes to remember her and again were given more time with her before we came home.

When Pepper was ready to come home, I arrived and the set up was beautiful. Everything we chose for Pepper was done so well and there was even a beautiful hand painted mat by Maria. Again, I was given time to mourn and cry. We installed her plaque on the memorial wall, took a moment and began walking to the car. In that time, Francine reminded me that they are always there if I needed anything and again made me feel well taken care of.

I cannot thank Francine and Maria enough for their kindness and compassion. They were accommodating, genuine and caring. They are true animal lovers and wonderful, generous people.

Jasmyn “Jaz” Renaud


May 17, 2022

In September 2021, Merlin, our beloved dog of 10 years was diagnosed with a torn ligament in his knee and x-rays subsequently showed cancer. Francine was so supportive and offered options to help with pain management so his quality of life was greater and in the end helped extend his life by several months. After each of the Bowen treatments Merlin showed better movement and generally felt better.
Francine and Maria always took the best care of Merlin during his life so it made sense that they would do the same with his passing. We knew from the first moment that we brought him there that he was loved and was one of the Family. Thank you so much for all the compassion and time that you took to make this loss more of a celebration of all the joys Merlin brought to our family and to yours. We could not think of a better place to have handled this for our very special dog.
Thank you

Sue and Daryll Lecour

May 2, 2022

In the last 6 months, we have lost 3 beloved pets. In September we found our cat Lucy unexpectedly deceased and had no idea what to do; our vet clinic was closed so my wife searched for aftercare services and we found Paws at Rest. Francine was so kind and we were able to bring Lucy almost immediately. When we arrived she was placed gently in a bed where we could spend time with her and make arrangements. Francine was very clear and transparent about presenting all of our options and how much it would cost and we NEVER felt pressured or judged about how much we were willing to spend. When we picked her up, everything was presented beautifully – Maria had done a beautiful portrait of her, her hair clipping was in a heart-shaped tin, a photo and poem of her – all at no additional cost. It is clear that they care and understand grief.

We then lost our old collie Lady, and the experience was the same. They were amazing.

When we lost our beloved Yorkie cross Sadie under extremely stressful conditions. She had had a surgery we found out later was unnecessary, and she never recovered and had to be euthanized a week later. My vet clinic offered an autopsy at their expense, which changed all of our aftercare arrangements. Francine was able to walk me through what was going to happen at the autopsy, how much time it would take, and that she would be picked up and taken directly to the crematorium afterward. My vet clinic had all the information wrong; they said we have her in 2 days (it was over two weeks) and that we could pick her up and send her to paws at rest (only a licensed crematorium can handle autopsied animals).

Francine was in contact with me almost daily at times to help me through the process of dealing with my vet clinic and my grief. She feels like more of a friend that an after-care provider and I can honestly say this horrible experience would have been so so much worse without her constant support.

I will never take my pets anywhere else for their after-care. The attention to detail, artwork, and compassion far exceed our expectations, every time.

Thank you again for everything,

March 5, 2022

Today is March 5, 2022. It has been a week since we had to say good-bye to our sweet Calico cat, Cali. She was almost 18 years old. Cali was experiencing serious health issues that greatly reduced her quality of life. Consultations with different veterinarians did not provide any hope that Cali would improve, and, in fact, we were advised that we needed to accept that at this stage of her life she required palliative care to ensure her time remaining was as comfortable for her as possible.
On Saturday, February 26, 2022, we made the most difficult decision a pet owner has to make. It was time for us to say farewell to our sweet Cali no matter how difficult we knew it would be for us. Taking Cali to a Veterinary Clinic and having her left to pass on alone on a cold metal slab was definitely not an option. At these times, many clinics will still not allow their clients to be present with their animals, even at death. We contacted Paws at Rest early Saturday morning and spoke to Francine who was extremely compassionate and more than willing to try to accommodate our request to ease Cali’s suffering that day. Francine was able to confirm arrangements with Dr. Dennett and both she and Francine arrived at our home at 4:00 pm. Both were supportive and willing to allow us time to be with Cali before the end and Cali was shown the respect she deserved and was able to pass on with dignity thanks to both of these wonderful individuals.
Francine made the arrangements on our behalf to have Cali cremated. Upon arriving at Paws at Rest in North Gower a few days later to bring Cali back home, we were greeted by Francine and Maria. We were escorted to the viewing room where Cali was ready to reunite with us. It was evident that much time was given by both Francine and Maria to ensure Cali was presented with much love to us. She was in a beautiful urn with a lovely picture frame with poem beside her. Also, there was a heart filled with carefully selected fur clippings, ensuring each shade of Cali’s fur was included. Maria also provided us with a hand-drawn picture of Cali on a beautiful canvas placemat. Her desire to capture Cali’s beauty was evident in this drawing and everything else that was done.
We cannot tell you the burden that is removed from one’s shoulders during this time of crisis by Paws at Rest. All we had to do was make the decision and the initial phone call. Francine did everything else from finding us a vet who could make the house call that day, removal of the body, cremation, return of remains, and all the other things that go into this that we would not know about or be in any state of emotion to look after. It was done with sympathy and empathy, allowing us all the time we required to say a proper good-bye.

As difficult as it is to say good-bye to a cherished family member, even when you know it is the right thing to do, it’s people like Francine and Maria that make this decision much easier. Our Cali was our everything and we are so thankful to Francine and Maria for making Cali’s departure as peaceful for her as possible. Cali will be remembered forever, and our heartfelt thanks go to all three of these wonderful ladies.

December 2021

I was suddenly faced with the knowledge that my smart kind and old faithful dog had reached a point where he no longer could walk. It was clear that he was ready to die. The vets near me would not do house calls and I was not about to drag this large, beautiful soul into a cold uncomfortable vet office. Harmon deserved to die on his own bed in comfort. I was so relieved that I had just heard about Paws at Rest. In a very short time, Francine and Maria found a vet to come to my house. They also provided me with information and support. After Harmon’s death, they gave me his ashes and a framed photo and drawing of him. All their support was so respectful and kind. Harmon and I were fortunate to have found Pets at Rest.

February 9, 2022

About a week before Christmas 2021 my little buddy Mooch was diagnosed with Kidney failure, nothing could be done to save him, it was time. His vet and a friend of mine recommended Paws at Rest, due to covid going to the vet had too many unsavory issues. I called and spoke with Francine, she was very patient with my long pauses, and we set up the date and time. On that day everything was explained clearly and compassionately and my long time friend crossed the bridge. A short while later we were notified, we could pick him up, when we arrived his remains were set up in a beautiful arrangement. Francine and Maria did a wonderful job, all the components were perfect. very professional and compassionate. I will recommend Paws at Rest to my friends and to pet owners I meet in the future. Thank you, Francine and Maria, for all you the effort you put into preserving my little buddy’s remains and memories.

Kevin and Lorna Carr

January 20, 2022

When my Madisen (Maddie) passed away, I was not sure what to do as she passed away in the evening on the weekend and nothing was open. Then I saw the number for Paws at Rest, it was the only place open.
That was when I met Francine, she answered the phone, I told her what I needed and was thankful to find someone to help me with Madisen. She told me had I called last night, she would’ve answered the phone. I don’t remember if I cried, as much of that time was very emotional, but she set up a time that day (a couple hours later if I recall correctly, which impressed me).
Francine showed so much compassion and understanding. She even shared stories of her own pets. I was instantly comforted and knew I wasn’t alone.
After having Paws at Rest handle Maddie’s arrangements and very pleased with the services provided, I knew for Mickey it would be Paws at Rest again. I trusted that she would take care of Mickey the way she did Maddie.
On the day I went to pick up Mickey & Madisen’s ashes at Paws at Rest, I did not expect what I experienced. When we arrived, Francine brought us to the waiting room and when we went in, I saw a memorial for my dogs set up…I instantly cried.
I was so touched by everything Francine and Maria did for my babies; it makes me cry now just writing about it. I was so overwhelmed with everything, from the beautiful hand drawn pictures of my dogs on a cloth (thank you Maria), to the candles and pictures of my pups on display. It was so thoughtful. Then we went outside to put Mickey and Maddie’s plaques on the wall. It was a difficult day but one made wonderful and beautiful by two amazing ladies.
Thank you, Francine and Maria and Paws at Rest! I am grateful for everything you did for my baby angels! I wish you all the best in 2022 and beyond. You are wonderful, caring women and everything you did for my babies means a lot.

January 4, 2022

On Dec 14th 2021, my sweet girl “Happy” went to the Rainbow Bridge. Happy was my best friend and emotional support dog for 12 years. I was devastated with her loss and it was the support, comfort and understanding of Francine that got me through. Being at home, where Happy and I had spent so much time, was a blessing. Unfortunately I am technically challenged and was unable to photograph the set up when I went to bring my girl home. If you look at the photo posted on August 9, 2016, by Sue Milner, this is almost exactly what I saw. It was amazing. Maria did a great job of replicating Happy’s image on the handmade mat and the framed picture and “song” were awesome.
The services provided at Paws at Rest are very reasonably priced. The support and compassion, provided by Francine and Maria, PRICELESS.
Thank you for taking such good care of my sweet Happy.

October 3, 2021

We recently had to say goodbye to our beloved cat of 15 years. A pain and sadness so unbearable, but made a little bit easier because of the genuine compassion and understanding of Francine and Maria. Four years ago this December we lost our two beautiful dogs, and called Paws at Rest on the recommendation of a friend. We were so grateful to them for their guidance through that loss, and wholeheartedly trusted them to help us through it again. Thank you for everything.

– The Rods

September 23, 2021

I cannot recommend Paws at Rest enough. Francine answered my countless emails and questions quickly and with so much care and understanding. You can tell that Francine and Maria really do this out of love and an understanding of the impact the loss of a pet can have. It was the hardest time and most difficult decision of my life and I really felt comforted by their messages and beautiful keepsakes. They went above and beyond what I expected, and I am so thankful I chose their services.

Thank you so much for being there for us, we will be forever grateful for the care you provided to us and Marbs.

Kate & Juanita

August 27, 2021

Hi Francine I just want to give you and Maria the biggest thank you for your amazing and beautiful service for bandit. I admire what you guys do to the fullest extent. This has been the worst pain and loss I’ve ever experienced in my life and thanks to you it was made easier and for that i thank you. Your service made such a powerful impact on me and ill never forget it. I will cherish these amazing reminders of bandit for the rest of my life. Words can’t come close to explaining how grateful I am for all that you’ve done. It means the world to me that you made what I had always hoped for come true in such a beautiful service for bandit. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Brittany Louis

August 17, 2021

Paws at Rest provided a calm and comforting service at every step in the process. We are very grateful to Francine and Maria for their careful attention to detail, and thankful that our loved pup was in their trustworthy hands.

Corinne Lutes

August 18, 2021

When we decided that it was time to let our boy Duke be at peace, I was so grateful that I had found Paws at Rest.
The thought of him not being with us in our lives anymore was beyond unbearable, and I would’ve been completely lost if it wasn’t for the kindness and unbelievable compassion extended to us by Francine and Maria with Paws at Rest.

From the first contact via email, Francine was so kind hearted and sincere in her communications with me. She was very informative with my many questions and eased any and all doubts and or hesitations. She was truly understanding, and not once did she quote any price tags during the process. She offered me to visit Paws at Rest which allowed me to pick the urn I wanted as well as other memorial keepsakes that they offer. It was only then that I was given an optional choose if I wanted to take care of the bill then or afterwards, to which I chose to do it then so I could simply focus on my boy the day of.
The day we laid him to rest, was one of the most painful experiences, yet everything aside from the pain of having to say goodbye, was flawless. Francine stayed even after the veterinarian left, and allowed us as much time as we wanted to say our final goodbyes, after which she helped us tuck him into a cozy bed that she brought for him, which allowed us to carry him to her van.
With covid and the fact that it was a long weekend, we were looking at a possibility of having to wait a long time for him to be cremated and thus be returned home with us. Francine’s dedication to get Duke back home was above and beyond, and we ended up being able to bring him home the following week which we were so grateful for.
Upon entering Paws at Rest to pick our boy up, we were stunned by a beautiful memorial display set up for us, including a personalized drawing of Duke done by Maria.
I could not be more grateful that we had them to accompany and assist with this process, Francine alone made it so much easier on me to be able to focus solely on Duke and our last moments together, and for that I will be forever thankful.

Francine and Maria, thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts.

Brittany and Alex in memory of Duke

June 30, 2021

Our sincere and heartfelt thanks to Francine and Maria of Paws at Rest for their compassionate care of our beloved Billi when she passed to the Rainbow Bridge on June 19th at the age of 15 years. We are very grateful for the respect Francine and Maria showed Billi in helping us lay her to rest with dignity and their kindness and compassion to us at this time of loss. Knowing Billi has been lovingly cared for brings us great comfort.

Nikolas and Barbara Zerter

March 30, 2021

To say a forever goodbye to a pet is a tremendously painful experience… a pain so profound it is at times unbearable!
To be able to accompany them to the Rainbow bridge with dignity and respect is truly comforting for the hurting heart.

My experience with Paws at Rest was by far the most comforting experience as I accompanied my 10 year old boxer (Sammy) through her passing.
Paws at Rest (owners Francine and Maria) went above and beyond in ensuring that we as a family felt supported and comforted as we experienced Sammy’s passing. As a former funeral director, Francine ensured I had all the info I needed to make the decisions I made with respect to the cremation of our sweet Sammy.
Maria went above and beyond is creating both art work and keepsakes so that we could treasure Sammy forever, from gently placing Sammy’s tuft of hair in a glass heart, a hand painted image of our girl, poems, prayers and messages of comfort all offered in kindness.
As a closing ceremony, Francine and Maria invited us to place a brass plate on the wall of honor for all pets who have passed — Sammy’s name shines bright in the sunlight along with the others. This symbolic at truly was meaningful especially given we are invited to attend anytime we wish to sit in the gardens and reflect on our memories with our sweet girl Sammy!

The pain of my sweet Sammy’s passing persists, however I, we, are greatly comforted by the care, and sincere attention to detail that Francine and Maria afforded us as we grieve our loss.

I highly recommend their services to anyone who wishes to ensure their pet crosses the ‘rainbow bridge” with dignity and respect.
Many thanks Francine and Maria for all your kindness and support!
Louise Logue

March 21, 2021

Your thoughtful and loving efforts have helped us through an overwhelmingly difficult experience. Loosing Layla was never something we wanted to face, yet through your sympathetic care and attention to this traumatic life changing event, we are able to find comfort and relief in the face of such terrible grief. It has inspired us all with hope that one day we will meet Layla again.

Please accept out heartfelt expression of thanks, knowing that our endorsement of your wonderful services will extend forever into the future.

Steve, Diane, Lyne and Angela

Paws at Rest ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

February 26, 2021

Picking up Sadie to bring her home on Tuesday was a very emotional and difficult day but I want to let you know that it meant so much to me how you had everything set up. The picture, placemat, paw prints, tealight and poem will forever be cherished. I am so grateful for the dignity and compassion you both showed to my family and especially to my Sadie.

The devastating loss of a pet and the grief that comes with it can only be understood by someone who has also loved their pet with all their heart and had to say goodbye. The very special touches such as the beautiful picture with Sadie’s Song and the placemat with Sadie’s picture are appreciated beyond words.

You both are extraordinary people in the pet funeral business and I thank you very much.


January 8, 2021

We knew we were nearing the time to make a decision about euthanasia for our much loved cat Lexi. We did not expect to be faced with suddenly having to make this decision on Christmas Eve. That evening we began the search online and thankfully we found Paws at Rest. An email was sent out expecting to only hear back from them after Christmas but Francine promptly emailed back that evening. A very reassuring and informative phone call provided us with options and we arranged to contact her again on Christmas Day and set things up for the following day. Francine made all the arrangements with a mobile vet. She was extremely compassionate and professional in her work and this allowed us to focus on making our cats last day with us as meaningful as possible. On the day of euthanasia, Francine arrived to organize the paperwork and the mobile vet arrived as scheduled. The vet was also very professional and made the entire process as stress free as possible for Lexi and both of us. Francine left us with comforting information and a lovely personalized memento from Maria that helped us in the coming days. We were touched when we arrived to pick up Lexi’s ashes with the beautiful personalized display that awaited us prepared by Maria and Francine. We also had the opportunity to place her plaque on a beautiful outdoor remembrance wall in their garden. The support received by Paws at Rest was beyond anything we expected and it’s obvious that they are very caring people and truly animal lovers who understand the loss of a beloved pet and want to help others through their loss. We are so grateful we found Paws at Rest and Francine and Maria are very special people who helped us beyond what they’ll ever know. We highly recommend their service.

Linda and Tom

December 29, 2020

Again we’d like to thank you so very much for guiding and helping us through this difficult time. People like you make this world a better place and help pet owners through their grief and offer a wonderful service that allows families to say goodbye in an intimate and private setting. We are forever grateful for the work you do. Once again, thank you..
Candice & Family

December 17, 2020

When we knew our much cherished family member, Dexter Wallace, time was approaching we wanted to do it 100% properly, so as to ensure he was treated with the dignity and respect, he so rightful deserved.
About a year or so before our sad day, we had spoke to a neighbour who loved golden retrievers and when his friend’s time came he used the services of Paws at Rest. He spoke very highly of the company and level of service.
Because Dexter was such a cherished family member we definitely wanted to do him right and we contacted Paws at Rest.
When we made contact we spoke to one of the owners Francine, she proved to be very informative, professional and very sensitive to our decision at hand. On the day in question, Francine and co-owner Maria arrived a half hour early as promised.
Francine walked us through the paperwork and procedure in a professional manner sensitive to our pain. It was obvious she was a pet owner and a true friend to animals. At all times Dexter was treated with the utmost dignity and respect and I truly mean that.
At a time when things are at their toughest, it is nice to know there are people who still care.
We are glad we put our confidence in you and your presence made our troubled times a little easier. The memorial you have at your home was remarkable and has helped in a closure, as we know Dexter was handled with love and dignity.
Thanks again as it was much appreciated.

Rob and Dora

October 30, 2020

Three weeks ago, my husband and I made the heartwrenching decision to say goodbye to our beloved 13.5 yr old chocolate lab Chloe. As hard as it was to let her go, we saw her steadily decline and we knew we had to do the kindest thing for her. It was my fervent wish that, when the time came, she could “go to sleep” at home, in her comfortable bed, surrounded by her favorite toys and her loving family. I knew that, at this time, with all the covid restrictions in place this might not even be an option. I had heard stories from neighbours and friends who were not even allowed into their vet clinics with their pet, for euthanasia, and had to say goodbye in the parking lot of the clinic. I could not even imagine having to do this.
My search led me to Paws at Rest and two amazing ladies, Francine and Maria. I only had to make one phone call and they did the rest. Francine arranged for a vet to come to our home the next afternoon and made arrangements for all the necessary aftercare. She was so kind and caring with everything she said and did. Her presence and quiet strength was so comforting to us at a time when we desperately needed it. Both she and Dr. “O” along with his assistant Morgan, were so understanding and respectful, and gave us all the time we needed to say our final goodbye.
Paws at Rest is a wonderful company and provides an invaluable service. Everything they do is unbelievably well thought out and incredibly touching. From the lovely box containing the butterfly, that Francine gave us at our home ”When tomorrow starts without me,” and how true those words are!
The memorial that they had set up for Chloe when we went to pick her up was unbelievable. Maria had even hand-painted a picture of Chloe on a beautiful cloth placed on the table beside her urn.
We were able to go out to the memorial wall where my husband placed the plaque with her name and date, a lasting tribute to a much loved family member.
I would highly recommend Paws at Rest, without hesitation, to anyone faced with this heartbreaking decision.

Brian and Wendy Eadie
Long Sault, On.

October 29, 2020

We lost our dog Destiny on thanksgiving weekend, and Paws at Rest was the only place to bring her. The service provided was absolutely amazing and more than we could have ever asked for. Francine made this hard time a little easier to get through and made the process go as smoothly as possible. We will forever be thankful that we found Paws at Rest during this difficult time.

The Wehbe’s

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