Services – What We Do

We personally meet with you to discuss the details regarding your final wishes for your pet.  If the passing of your pet is planned we will gladly discuss your options before the euthanasia occurs.

Services We Offer

If your vet clinic does not offer in home services we can help you with a mobile vet service to come to your home or our location to perform the euthanasia.

Should the death occur at your vet clinic or your home we will pick your pet up with utmost care and dignity and bring them to our facility.

You can have a funeral or memorial service at our location.

Should you choose cremation, we will arrange for the cremation of your choice, communal, individual or private.

Communal: many pets are cremated at the same time and no ashes are returned.

Individual:  Your pet will share the chamber during the cremation but will be separated with barriers. Each pet is recorded to assure individual cremation and return of the cremated remains.

Private:  Your pet will be alone in the cremation chamber.

We offer a wide range of urns, keepsakes and jewellery.

We will deliver the cremated remains to your home.

We offer an online pet memorial on our website

Paws at Rest is here to serve and help you during this difficult time.  We are not limited to the above services.  Please contact us to discuss your wishes.

A Pet Cemetery is developed on our property where pets can be laid to rest in a beautiful and peaceful country setting.  Paws at Rest will be able to offer scattering and burial of cremated remains.

Contact us for more details.