Pet Memorials

DAPHNE – April 29, 2000 – JulyDaphne 2, 2015

There is a saying, “Every once in a while a dog enters your life and changes everything”. This was so true of my Daphne. She was the most amazing and gentle dog who brought so much joy and happiness into my life. She’s left a big hole in my heart but I will love her always and forever. Sweet dreams to my angel Daphne.

Tons of hugs,
Maureen xox


StormSTORM – May, 2015

 Storm passed away suddenly in her home at the age of 12.
She was the highlight and sunshine of my day. On my loneliest days I would speak to her, she would look at me and I knew that she knew…I dreaded the day she would leave me yet I was never prepared or thought that I would be this devastated….goodbye “Stormy”.



WhistlerWHISTLER – March 4, 2015

We lost our dearest furry friend, Whistler on January 15th,2015 of Congestive Heart Failure. There are no words that can express the hole left in our hearts but we try and fill them with happy loving memories he gave us the past 5 years.

Today, is your 6th birthday, even though you’re no longer here with us, I know you’re celebrating with your other furry friends over the rainbow bridge, hopefully with bananas and cheese. Whistler, this spring we will plant a tree with your ashes and watch you grow in a different form knowing you will always be with us. We miss you Whist!!!  The Walker-Boileau family.


MulderMULDER  2000  –  2015

My Mulder from the very beginning was his own man. About Fifteen years ago, the first night after picking out my new kitten, I went to bed. It was a very tall bed. Mulder sat on the floor crying to get up. I picked him up put him in the bed and he promptly jumped down and within minutes start crying again. This repeated maybe four or five times until I took my hamper of laundry and built him a ramp out of the clothes. Within seconds of me lying back down he ran up the ramp laid down exactly where I had placed him all those times, snuggled in and went to sleep. He had to do things for himself! He was the perfect companion for fifteen great years. I miss him very much! – Michelle


JasmineJASMINE    2002  –  2014

I chose my beautiful Jasmine from a large litter of tiny, blue colourpoint ragdoll kittens.  From the very beginning, she was unique, a little bit diva and a little bit crazy.

Over the years, she was my constant companion, my furry helper and the inspector and overseer of every household activity. She kept me entertained with her intense curiosity and her total silliness.  Her big blue eyes laughed with me through all the good times and her loving purr comforted me through the sad times.  It was a shock to lose her suddenly to cancer.  I loved her so very much and I miss her every day.  – Judith


BrandyBRANDY 1994 – 2014

Brandy was the greatest Birthday gift I ever received. She lived a long healthy life and helped me through many hard times. She passed away suddenly and is missed every day.



JerseyJERSEY- June 8, 2014

Jersey bounded into our lives in June of 2006 as an energetic and curious puppy. Jersey was a beloved companion, friend and protector who never asked for anything but our love and devotion. He passed away suddenly at age 8 years and 2 months on June 8, 2014;
his death left a void that will never be filled.

We love you and miss you buddy – more than you’ll ever know. We hope that you are playing and laughing and watching over us.  Until we meet again, Jersey, you are never far from our thoughts.
Jeff, Jenn, Kris, Mitch, Abby & Tucker.

VLUU L100, M100 / Samsung L100, M100SEAMUS– December 2012

Seamus came to live with our family in October 2010 after his owner, my brother, was tragically hit and killed by a careless driver. We knew Seamus all his life and were were honored that Michele, his mom, entrusted him to our care. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge in December 2012 and is with my brother again most likely enjoying his favorite meals prepared by my brother ….steak. chicken, pork with lots of veggies. Thank you Seamus for letting us love you even it was just for a few years.
We loved you. we miss you……you will remain in our hearts always
Drew. Sophie-Anne, Patches. Lucie and Maria

Own_catOWEN 2002 – 2013

Owen an orange tabby was adopted in Toronto, shortly after he was born at the end of February in 2002. His name was given to him by a misunderstanding of the veterinary clerk. Before he came home he went to the vet for an examination. At that time we hadn’t decided what would be his name; we said to the clerk “Unknown” but she understood “Owen” and we thought that is a good name for him. He lived with Sam a grey cat born the same week and Joey and George the two other orange tabby younger then him. Owen developed diabetes and was contented when the insulin was administrated to him. He never fought when we were treating him. It appeared that he knew the insulin was helping him. But in April 2013 we boarded our animals and Owen was one of them as well. His experience was not the best; he died with insulin insufficiency during his boarding period. As of today March 2014 we continue to miss him and feel guilty for what happen to Owen. We will always miss him.
Francine and Maria

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