Pet Memorials

Chief 2016CHIEF — November 16, 2011 – July 6, 2016

It is with great sadness, that our beloved fur baby Chief passed away at the age of 4 1/2 years after a brief illness.

As I held him close he passed away in my arms, I told him how much we all loved him and all the joy and happiness he brought to everyone in my family. I told him it was ok to go. No more pain, no more suffering, you can run and play again. As he took his last breath, my tears covered his sweet face, I kissed him told him I loved him and said see you again one day.

He is not just a dog, he was family, he depended on us for food, shelter and love and in return he provided unconditional love. I am going to miss how you would straddle the arms rests between the front seats and stare straight ahead, or chase the wipers when it would rain. Or steal my timmies tea when i wasn’t looking. How stubborn you were, refusing to go out for anyone until I came home. How happy you were to see me, good and bad days you always made me laugh.

Our hearts are filled with your love our mind is filled with wonderful memories of you Chief.

Thank you to Francine from Paws at Rest, for your kindness, understanding in our time of need with Chief. Your compassion goes way beyond anything anyone could ask for when they lose a pet.

I love you Chief – Always and Forever



It’s taken me some time to be able to put words to the loss of our special wee girl. Indy came to our home as a foster. She was a one eyed, skinny, dandruff coated little pug. She had no social skills and was very fearful of everything. Our dogs took her under their wings, showing her she was now safe and loved. Our golden taught her to play tug of war with toys by bopping her on the head with a toy. We called Indy our little street fighter as even though she was the tiniest family member she ruled the house. As Indy became more incapacitated loosing total sight and the use of her mobility, she was so dependent on us for security, her sister pug Crunky would run to her aide if she barked outside and she need to know where I was at all times. It was with  much heartbreak we came to the decision that life for Indy was no longer one of quality and made the decision to say goodbye. Francine and Maria came into our lives at this time and eased us through this very painful decision. Although we only had a few years with our sweet wee girl, she has left a huge hole in our two legged and four legged family with her absence. We miss our sweet ” Inda-belle” and our wonderful memories of her will remain forever.

Diane and George

MAX — 28 May 2001 — 24 April 2016

You came to me at three months of age, a beautiful, shy, sweet baby boy with glossy black hair. When I picked you up into my arms, you gave me a gentle kiss and nestled into my neck. It was love at first sight. You were mine and I was yours and it stayed that way throughout your life. We went to Carolark for puppy training and you relished learning new tricks and commands. What a smart boy you were! When I was having wine with friends, you would imbibe your fair share; you did the same with Bailey’s. You loved everyone you met and they, in turn, loved you. You never disappointed me, never chewed anything that wasn’t yours, never did a spiteful thing in your life. You were goodness personified. You learned early in your all too brief life that the way to get what you wanted was to look at me shyly and stick out a little bit of your bright pink tongue that was in such contrast to your black hair. You made my knees go weak when you did that – I couldn’t say no! I was so blessed to be able to spend almost 15 years with you, my precious Cocker Spaniel. You weren’t a dog, you were my little boy. I will always love and miss you. Until we meet again over the Rainbow Bridge.

Your Mommy


RUMMY – May 11, 2016

We adopted Rummy when we first moved in together four years ago. He had been at the shelter for many months and we couldn’t understand why – he had such a gentle soul.

We will never forget our first car ride home, when he drooled all over the backseat and windows of the car and we wondered what we had gotten ourselves into!

Through his (much too short) life with us, he brought us so many laughs by stealing food off the counter and making tons of neighbourhood friends, both doggy and human. Rummy really made our house a home, and we will miss him so much.

Emily and Steve


Bester 1

BESTER – April 27, 2002 –November 13, 2015

You are the Bestest Bester Wester EVER ! We miss you FurBaby. From the first day we met, you choose us by a simple kiss to the nose instantly making our family whole and you were the boss. Miss the catch you and get your tail games we played, even miss the howls at late homecomings and not following your dinner schedule.

Now may you see, hear and chase as many squirrels as you wish again, just like the good old “younger” days. In our hearts we’ll always love you ………. Till the day we join you and together we will be forever!
Love, Hugs and Kisses
Daddy, Mommy and Maggie


FergieFERGIE – Oct 27, 2005

Remembering Fergie, my cat and my best friend. It’s hard to think you’re gone so soon. I will never forget your cute little sneezes, they were always my favorite! I remember you cuddling up with me whenever I have a bad day at school like it was just yesterday. You are an extraordinary and amazing cat, you are way different than any other kitten. You were the only cat that would let me dress you up and put in a stroller as if you were my baby boy. You would also let me put you in a suitcase, purse or laundry hamper, but that’s what makes you different cause you would never get mad at me. I love everything about you (especially your big orange fluffy tail!). I know you and the dog, Chloe never really got along but she really does miss you… A LOT! Fergie, I just want you to know you will forever be in my heart and I will always love you, you know why? Because you were different. We connected in away no other cat lover would have connected with any other cat. We had this special bond and I will never let go of it. Lots of love coming your way Fergie… I will see you again. I love you Fergie. R.I.P.




MISTY – You were an unexpected belated Christmas present from a friend when you were less than 4 months old. You cost me a family who were unaccepted and jealous. Before you turned one we ventured out on our own. It was hard those first years, just out of school, unemployed, alone and with a future so uncertain. It would have been so much easier had I have given you up but that was never an option. And we made it! We made it until you were 15 1/2 and I held you as you crossed the Rainbow Bridge in Jan. 2001 and I was left alone. In our 15 1/2 years together I never once regretted my decision and you were worth all the craziness we left behind.

Bud_Pince_tbBUD + PRINCESS (aka Pince, aka FLB (my Fat, Little Bitch) – In late 2003 when you were both four your first mom and my sister passed away. My estranged family were going to put you both down. I took you both in. The first few years were difficult, most especially because of you Bud, my Special Needs boy. With time, patience and love we all made a new world and became a family.

PINCE – You were so independent and with such attitude – hence, the FLB moniker. It broke my heart to let you go August 2013 but my biggest responsibility was to ensure you didn’t suffer after your cancer diagnosis and you didn’t. I held you, too, as you crossed that bridge.

BUD – Oh, how we battled those first few years. And oh, how you scared me during your many psycho, feral moments. I myself considered putting you down until I realized you were just a fraidy-cat who needed a lot of extra love, patience and gentleness. It broke my heart that you were left alone when I went to work after Pince. I was so proud of the bond we made and the trust you had in me. You changed so much over the years, and your progress amazed me and made my heart swell. Holding you as you crossed that damn bridge in August 2015 almost broke me and I am still a long way from recovering.

I owe so much to all of you for accepting me, loving me and adjusting to our new family dynamics. And make no mistake – you all were my family! I hope you have all met and are all looking out for each other in whatever Heaven is out there.
Thank you all for letting me be your mom.


SimbaSIMBA – March 21, 2012 – July 3, 2015

You gave us the most beautiful 3 years and 3 months we could have asked for. We had dreamt of many more years with you but alas God had other plans for us. We miss you every day and wish you were with us to share many more early morning cuddles, hugs, kisses, walks, playing fetch, hide and seek, bum shakes and scratches and many more of your goofy antics. But we know that very soon we will be together again and make many more wonderful memories. Love you tones and miss you even more!
Amma, Appa, Athai, Athimbare, Periappa, Kashu and Tannu


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