Pet Memorials


October 8, 2006 – March 13, 2017

Peacefully, surrounded by love, my gorgeous girl slipped away to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Suffering from an identity crisis most of her life, she never knew which name she would be called by- Baby, Wilsie, Gorgeous, poopsicle, Pooper-Baby (I could go on) – but she happily came to any that I called.

She was the neighbourhood celebrity having to stop and say “Hi” to everyone who passed and if she saw someone who didn’t see her, she let them know. If you were lucky, you were greeted with her famous “wookie” hello. Willow believed she was human and we happily encouraged that.

Her stubbornness and determination to do things she wasn’t supposed to were as endearing and hilarious as they were frustrating. Each day I was fortunate enough to spend with her was brightened by her infectious smile. She was beautiful inside and out. There are no words to describe how much I loved her. I will forever miss giving “noseys” and having to run back up the stairs because she wouldn’t come down until she got “stair kisses”. Although my heart is broken because she has gone too soon, I am comforted to know that she is no longer in pain and she is running, stealing balls and bossing everyone around in doggie heaven.

People are saying how lucky she was to be loved by me but really I am the lucky one. Thank you for the memories, laughs, unconditional love, and the best 10 years of my life.

We miss you and Love you Wilsie. You are gone, but not from our hearts. xoxo

BETSY – November 23, 2016

It has taken me a very long time to find the words to write about our Betsy. It’s hard to lose a fur baby when you know they no longer have quality of life, but I when you lose a family member suddenly it is more difficult to process. Betsy came to us as a foster with her two nine day old babies from a horrendous puppy mill situation, she was completely shut down. knew nothing about touch and love. Once her babies were adopted together into a loving home we decided Betsy would become part of our family . It took me year to gain her trust, she watched our other dogs and learned to enjoy walks and freedom. We would daily speak of her improvement and how she would look at us with those soulful eyes of trust and love. Unfortunately her past life caught up to her and she had a complete collapse of her trachea. We had to quickly make the decision to say goodbye. I never thought I would need Francine and Maria’s help once again in less than six months , but even though I called Francine very late in the evening, she was there for us once again. I can’t say enough about Francine and Maria they are so special, they make even the most difficult moments a little easier to bare.
We are so great-full to know they are there when the time comes to say good-bye.

Diane & George Maroosis


December 21, 2016

Mister Lunemis Sylvester Mistoffelees beloved feline went peacefully to Rainbow Bridge on Wednesday, December 21, 2016. Mister gave us thirteen and a half years of happiness, love, warmth, and joy. Always eager to be held, from the moment he reached out and caught his Mother’s shirt sleeve with his paw to his last moments, Mister was full of rolling purr, eager to be held, and right next to us every step of the way, on every journey, and in every new place. We love you, Mister, always. Though this distance between us was unexpected and difficult beyond words, we know that Mister is now at rest and without suffering, he will watch over us, and we will see him again in heaven. Mister will be missed tremendously by Johanna, Anthaea-Grace, his feline sister Miss Elle M. Woods, Uncle Kadeem, and Grandma Audrey.
Thank you from all of us, to Dr. Bethany Surgan and the staff at Melrose Animal Clinic in Melrose, MA, USA, and to Francine and Maria at Paws at Rest Ottawa, in North Gower, Ontario, Canada, for their care and support.

Johanna Dennis

BLUEJEANS – December 20, 2016  

Bluejeans my baby boy had a great 6 years he loved us with all of his heart and we did too. But, today Tuesday December 20th he had decided to leave us, not because he wanted too, because he loved us too much to watch us suffer for him. We also felt the same. We can sit and fall into a depression but, Bluejeans wouldn’t want that, us faithful believe that God takes the angels first. Blue will always love us as will we and he will watch over us forever and wait until our inevitable passing and greet us at the doors of heaven. I love you Bluejeans you will always be in my heart.



Date of birth March 3, 2008 

Date of death October 24, 2016

I love you and miss you more than words can say. You were such a good boy. You were such a good dog. I will see you again

Love always and forever,


riley-powellRILEY — April 13, 2004 — November 11, 2016

Riley gave us twelve and a half years of unconditional love, lots of laughs and good times and always brought a smile to our faces. He is loved by all who knew him, will be greatly missed and fondly remembered, …such a special boy. The house seems empty without him.

Christine and Keith Powell


 HONEY — August 13, 2016

My faithful friend came to me as a rescued senior. We then had over seven and a half wonderful years together”

Margot Morissette


BusterBUSTER — July 29, 2016

With Buster you were sure to be entertained. His bark brought us joy

Pete & Donna


Polo_La RosePOLO — June 17, 2016

Today, with a heavy, heavy heart, I said goodbye to my BFF. He was there for me through the worst of my depression always ready with a kiss and a cuddle. He never left my side for the 13 and a half years that we were together. I will miss you my friend. May there be a doggie heaven as you will have a place waiting for you there. Thank you for your love affection and support throughout the years.


 13646671_1411919375501468_670253460_oLUCIFER & ZENA

As we gaze around the room now
we see your shadows on the wall
as your spirits quickly rush by us
your purring echoes down the hall.

We can still see you both sitting
side by side on that window sill
just basking in the warm sun light
but our empty arms it cannot fill.

This sadness that we are feeling
from missing you both each day
is filled now with pain and sorrow
and it is stealing our hearts away.

We know that you’re both at peace
and your spirits are now in flight
but your memories will always be
with us through each day and night.

Sue Milner

July 10,2016

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