Pet Memorials


May 29, 2024

Grief stricken and with heavy heart we kissed your cheek and let you pass peacefully into the heaven of everlasting life.

Nanook was 15 years old and had recently been diagnosed with kidney failure. It progressed from stage 1 to stage 4 in less than a month.

Nanook was our heaven-sent angel. She was not just smart. She was gifted. She brought love to our family, the likes of which I never believed possible. In her younger days she was lively and busy. She loved to ride on everything. She would sit in the wheelbarrow and let me push her around. She loved to go to the hunt camp and ride on the ATV or SBS with me. We spent tons of time at the lake. She loved the boat. When I cut the grass, she would ride on the mower with me. We couldn’t start a vehicle without her wanting to get in. She was with us constantly. Never was there a time she was alone or out of our sight.

As age began to work against her, she slowed down considerably. She still loved to (and did) ride on everything and do everything except now she needed help. We gave her that. I carried her constantly. She was too tired now to jump and run around. She stopped climbing stairs. She was unable to jump up or down from her recliner. She couldn’t get off the bed anymore. She trusted us to help her. We did.

Many would say Nanook was spoiled. We did not see it that way. I personally felt like I was spoiled to have such a compassionate, close and understanding friend. She was always there and I am missing her greatly today.

Nanook would not eat from the floor. She always had her dish but ignored it. For years she has had a chair at the table where she would sit and we would hand feed her. She liked fresh cold water from the fridge. She would lick my arm in the middle of the night letting me know she wanted a drink of cold water. This was every night and yes, we got it for her. Whatever she needed or asked for she got. When we took walks and she would get tired, she would just stop and sit with one paw up letting me know that she was poofed and I needed to pick her up. I would walk back and pick her up and we would complete the walk with her in my arms.

We have let her run now to the other side. She is once again healthy, whole, young and full of life. I no longer look back and see her sitting, waiting to be picked up. She is now far out in front of me. She is blazing the trail, paving the way. We miss you Nanook. Your love will be everlasting and the memories we share, we will protect and carry with us forever. We will continue on with the strength of these memories knowing that, with each passing day, we will get just a little bit closer to you until that day comes, we catch up to you and again I will hold you. Hold you tightly in my arms forever. You be a good girl Nanook. We love you.

Len and Melissa Towns


March 22, 2024

When we saw you at the rescue shelter all those years ago, we knew right away that we would adopt you. Your name was Darnell but we didn’t think that suited you so we named you Romeo (our little lover boy), because you were so cuddly and affectionate. You were such a cute cuddle bug, so adorable and lovable. We are going to miss all the times you talked to us especially when we were doing dishes, you would cackle away to us and we would answer back. Mommy will miss you when I would go to bed you would lay beside me while the soap opera was on. Every time we look out the bay window , we will think of you and all the favourite places you laid especially on Kev’s chest while he was watching TV, on his Ipad or sleeping on the couch. Your sisters Abby and Jackie are going to miss you, especially Jackie as you were her rock, where you went, she followed, she’s lost her bestest friend. Thank you for being part of our family for almost 14 years until stomach cancer got you. Rest in peace our little fur baby. Gone but never forgotten. Go off now and find your big brother Mooch he’s been waiting, and you both can chase the butterflies in the meadows on the other side of the rainbow bridge, and one day we’ll all be together again. You are free my precious Romeo, until we meet again, We will always remember you and love you unconditionally Letting you go was one of the hardest things we ever had to do Your daddy Kev and mommy Lorna and sisters Abby and Jackie

In loving memory of Pumba

It is with heavy hearts that we bid farewell to our sweet, loving Pumba. Poo Bear was a source of unwavering loyalty, boundless love and constant joy. From the moment he entered into our lives, our homes forever changed for the better. Pumba was more than a furry friend, he was a confidant, a playmate and most importantly, the absolute best friend that any of us could wish for. His adventure for life was contagious and as a result, he brought endless laughter and warmth to our hearts.

Let us all strive to embody the virtues Pumba so effortlessly demonstrated – love unconditionally, live joyfully and appreciate the simplest pleasures that life has to offer.

Rest in peace, Poo. Thank you for teaching us all of life’s lessons and giving us the best 10 years of our lives. Until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge, we hope you are chasing all those squirrels and playing with all your furry friends. We will all miss you.

Angie Cheung


December 25, 2023

When I went to pick you out at the shelter, you came right up to me and licked my hand. At the time I thought it was because the shelter had given me treats to entice the cats to come see me, but you never really cared about treats. You came to see me because you were chosing me as your human. You were so kind and caring and cuddly, it was hard not to immediately love you. I never thought I’d find a soul mate in a cat, but your soul healed me. After only one year with you, the vet diagnosed you with kidney disease at the young age of five and you were given three months to live. Yet you persevered another three years before you had another episode. Then, again, you were given only weeks to live but you managed another six months of happiness, new adventures, and lots of love. In our time together we cared for each other and helped each other grow. Mon amour, you were my little miracle and the love we gave each other will live with me forever. Every person who has ever met you misses you dearly. It’s hard to believe that we won’t be able to sit on the couch together and enjoy our cuddles, but I know we gave you as much time as we could and in the end we made the right decision. There is so much more I would like to say, but I don’t think words can properly describe how much of a gift our time was. So I will end this with a simple quote from Winnie the Pooh
“How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”


August 21, 2023

Koda, you came into our lives at the ripe age of 5, already having a hard life. It only took a few days for you to become Mom’s Boy.
You loved following mom around and always wanted to be doing everything I did. Mom couldn’t be without you for a moment. I wouldn’t change it. You had our hearts, especially mine from day 1, Looking into your beautiful different colored eyes, one green and one brown.
You trusted us whole heartedly, loved us so fully, and I hope that you knew how much you were loved and how much you are missed.
I miss your nighttime cuddles with your drooly purrs, to you lying on my chest trying to read with me to even you trying to get my cross stitch away so you could curl up in my lap.
I look at my blueberry bush and laugh at seeing you quite happily lying around them in the greenhouse.
Koda, my baby boy, passed away August 21, 2023 at the age of 15, He died in my arms with dad beside him, with me whispering how much we loved him and how much he will be missed.
We love you baby boy
Mom (Tracey) Dad (Darrell) and Brother James


April 7, 2007 – August 13, 2023

Born the runt of the litter, Sierra sat at the sidelines while her siblings played. When she came come with us, she was so young and small that we had to hand feed her. She got bigger as she found her passion for eating and became very skilled at begging for food. Her tail would wag when she smelled pizza because she knew the doughball was hers, and she would sneak under the dinner table to rest her head on everyone’s laps. It was hard to resist slipping her some food as she made her rounds and came to you with big “doe eyes.” Aside from her appetite, her toy bin (which was more like a toy mountain) also grew enormous with time. She liked the small toys that would fit perfectly in her mouth, such as carrot, chicky and football. But her favourite toy was the one she would go to bed with every night after patiently awaiting her nightly Denta stick: it was a stuffed Charmin bear that she stole off a shelf when she was a puppy. As much as her family loved her, she loved us back. We were always greeted with extremely loud, happy growls when we came home to her unstoppable wagging tail and a different toy in her mouth each time. Often we would hear her excited growls from just behind the door, because she had heard the garage open and knew we’d enter soon. Sierra adored all the attention she got from us, and all the petting from our neighbors when on her walks. She was a popular fixture in the neighborhood, known by everyone. You’d be promptly nudged by her snout if you stopped petting for even a second. Ear rubs were her weakness (occasionally evoking a long, indulgent half-growl) and there was a spot on her back that made her hind legs stretch out. She gave lots of licks to show her gratitude, especially if you were kind enough to hold the water bowl up for her when she needed a drink. She was a gentle soul – more comfortable around people than dogs – and got nervous around vacuum cleaners, air vents, and thunderstorms. Sometimes in the winter we would find her hiding in the closet after an avalanche came off the roof and shook the house. The angriest she’d get was at her hairbrush, which usually brought out the scrunchy nose. Our dog liked napping in the sun of the living room window and sitting regally at the top of the stairs. She liked going into crazy mode and sprinting around the couches, and chasing her wind-up car “stitchy” across the kitchen. She brought big smiles to all friends and family who visited, and to the kids that saw her dressed as a ladybug on Halloween. In the summer she enjoyed leading us through the woods, supervising us by the pool, licking our popsicle sticks, and finding shady hiding spots beneath the plants in Mom’s garden. She would always appreciate the twigs we brought her to chew on. In the winter she took pleasure in following our trails through the snow, chasing snowballs, catching snow from the shovel, and rampantly destroying our snowmen (only because we told her she could). Christmas was always a very exciting day for her; she stuck her nose in all the gift bags and could tell which ones were for her. Through it all, Sierra was a loyal friend and a warm hug, teaching us there was happiness to be found in every day. Thank you for blessing us with 16 years of unconditional love. We know there will be some happy growls waiting for us at the pearly gates.
Lloyd, Gina, Laura, Adam, Becky


March 16, 2023

You were a pretty kitty, smart, strong willed, loving and kind. Alfa to the dog pack and teacher to the other cats. Watcher of the fish and catcher of mice.
You were an amazing and adventurous little daredevil. Always climbing up high, so you can look out over everything. Despite being born indoors, you refused to be locked in. You loved spending time by the pond, defending it from the birds and making friends with the squirrels. Inspecting your perimeters and then falling asleep in our chair on the porch. You loved treat time and would line up with the puppies every night, waiting not so patiently. You loved all the boxes. Any shape, any size. But your favorite was the box house Xander made you for your birthday.
Family was everything to you. You loved to climb up and perch on dad’s shoulder. Always willing to offer a comforting fur cuddle. From the moment you came into our lives, you were my teddy bear.
Furthermore, you claimed our second child as your own before he was even born and became his best friend. Sleeping in his bed and following him around for the last 13 years. You would brighten any day by running to the door with the dogs to greet us when we came home. You always made us smile with your enthusiastic meows and requests for belly rubs.
We were lucky enough to keep you as long as we did. Considering, I’m sure you’ve gone through all nine of your lives. But your presence was such a joy in ours, and we will miss you so very much.
We love you, Kalli. ♥️


March 2005 to February 26, 2023

Ben, Benny, Benjamin, my little lion man, handsome. It doesn’t matter what we called him, we were so very lucky to have him in our lives.
He showed us what strong, silent type meant and taught us the meaning of tolerant. At the same time, he was able to make clear, in no uncertain terms, that he was the four legged boss.

Affection was on Ben’s terms, but turning summer saults at your feet was a pretty good indicator. He had a dry sense of humour and always played the straight man. He was first in line for the best spot in front of the fireplace and always first in line for dinner! He transitioned well from country cat to city cat with daily squirrel watching better than anything Netflix could produce. He was Santa’s little helper and the best ribbon holder anyone could ask for.

As old age tightened its grip, we watched him change. We did our best (we hope) to help him manage and maintain a good quality of life. We hope his brother Jerry was there to greet him as he crossed over, out of our arms and into peace.

Brenda and Guy


October 20, 2022

“On October 20th, our sweet Honey girl crossed over the rainbow bridge. She passed peacefully in her sleep with Mike and Charlie by her side. We rescued Honey and Charlie through Homeward Bound March 3rd, 2018, after being in a loving foster home for 8 months.

Through her time with us, she was so loved. Her quirky personality was loved by many, and she spent most of her time by her brother’s side (or literally sitting on top of him).

Through the last months of her life, Honey had some ups and downs but always came back. In her last 24 hours, we knew it was coming and had made the difficult decision to have her put to rest, however she was able to make that choice for herself and passed quickly in her sleep.

Our home feels so empty without her, and although we believe Charlie understands what happened, he still looks for her in all her usual spots. We will always remember her for the unconditional love she showed us, all her kisses and cuddles, her extremely persistent bulldog personality and curious nature.

Until we meet again, rest easy Honey-bunny.”


September 2012 to September 2022

I had adopted Pepper in November 2013 from the OHS. The second she came home; she just settled in and knew she was with us forever. She brought joy and smiles to everyone who met her and had the best personality and quirks. Pepper was an incredible kitty whom I was lucky to have had 9 years with. Sadly, and suddenly, Pepper became very ill and we rushed her to emergency where after some tests she was diagnosed with cancer. She had progressed so quickly that she was not a candidate for surgery or treatment, and we made the tough decision to say goodbye. On September 7th, 2022 at 9:15 pm, she passed away assisted while enjoying being hugged, pet and told how much she was Loved. We will always love her and miss her.



June 5, 2008 – June 3, 2022

Duke almost made it to his 14th birthday. Duke is now reunited with his litter mate Hank. He survived a little over 4 months without his best friend. They will now both be able to play with that rubber chicken with no other interruptions. This beautiful, kind and loving Golden Retriever will never be forgotten. Many thanks to Dr. Gus Stringel who came to our home to care for Duke at the end of his life. Paws at Rest offer and deliver such a wonderful and thoughtful service for so many small animals. Thank you so much. They make a very difficult time so much better. You were the smartest dog that we have ever known Duke.

Marilyn and David McFadden


July 1, 2004 to February 26, 2022 

Cali, our almost 18 year old Calico cat passed away on the 26th February, 2022, at home in her bed in front of the fire with us beside her.
She has been plagued by various illnesses over the past year including arthritis, gall bladder, respiratory problems and has lost almost half of her body weight. Lately, the respiratory problems worsened, and she also stopped eating and drinking because of it. On Saturday, it was clear that she could no longer see where she was going and was disoriented when she did leave her bed as well as gasping for breath at the least exertion. At that time, we made the decision that she was no longer safe in our house and that she would probably waste away over time, probably in discomfort. With that in mind and regard for her quality of life going forward, we called Francine of Paws at Rest who then contacted Dr. Dennett who came to the house to allow Cali to leave us peacefully.
It’s funny how the bad things she did fade into amusing anecdotes such as the scratching of the carpet and the trials trying to trim her claws or give her a pill. All the times that she charged down the lawn to the backyard trees, climbing up so high and not knowing how to get down, causing her dad to get the ladder out to get her back safely. These things, serious then, now serve to comfort us.
But we will always remember and miss her for the closeness she had with both of us in different ways, of course. When her dad, a photographer, was processing pictures she insisted that he move the scratching post over to his workstation so that she could climb to the top platform and fall asleep on his hand, leaving him to process pictures one handed (one does not wake a sleeping cat!). Or when we were sitting on the deck, and we’d look over at the patio window to see her little face wanting to come out and just sit in a chair with us or climb onto the patio table to fall asleep on her dad’s hand. No longer is there anyone to share his potato chips with and we will miss the look of anticipation on her face as she licked her lips knowing she would get to lick the salt of his fingers. We will miss the enjoyment we got from all the times we noticed her fall so deeply asleep that she got the “twitches” as if she were in an exciting dream.
Cali was not one to be held unless she initiated it but she and her mom shared one very special tradition over the years. When mom asked for a “kissy-kissy” Cali was more than happy to lean forward and touch her mouth to her mom’s mouth. Not a long touch but one with always so much love.
And there are hundreds of small things that seemed inconsequential at the time. The way she slept on the window ledge shelves with her head completely tucked forward under her chest (how did she breath?) or the fact that she could be fast asleep in her bed in front of the fire and if we came down the stairs she would wake up, jump out of her bed, and march over, with authority, to see us. Even the simple act of her just lying in the sun, so relaxed, made us smile.
She will be missed more than words can express.


January 22, 2022

Hank was born on Jun 5, 2008 – one of 11 Golden Retrievers. The breeder was Kim Gilligan from Burritt’s Rapids. Hank’s first home was right across the road from our farm. On July 26 we brought home Hank and his litter mate Duke. These two brothers were inseparable and enjoyed life on our horse farm and travelled to many campgrounds in our various motorhomes. Hank enjoyed wonderful health for 13.5 years – right up until 10 hours before he was euthanized due to a serious stroke. Many thanks to Dr. Gus Stringel who came to our home to care for Hank on that very cold morning. And Francine and Maria from Paws at Rest were so kind and helpful at their funeral chapel. Unbelievable service to assist pet owners in this region. Hank was so happy and kind for his whole life. He was a true therapy dog and we will never forget the love and joy that he brought to us. Hank is survived by his brother Duke who misses him very much. Hank is waiting is reunite with him so that they can play with their rubber chicken.

Marilyn and Dave McFadden

Madisen (Maddie) McGregor

June 18, 2009-October 30, 2021

On October 30th, 2021 my baby girl passed away at home. It was unexpected and broke my heart. She was only 12 ½ years old and relatively healthy. Maddie was a brilliant, beautiful, independent loving dog. She let you know when she wanted something. She was my baby angel. Madisen and her brother Mickey came to live with me at 6 weeks old. They were Labrador and Rottweiler mix, both big dogs. Madisen right away showed she was going to be the risk taker of the two. She was adventurous with so much love and life in her eyes. Over the years, every time something happened in my life and Maddie saw me crying, she would stop whatever she was doing and jump on the couch or bed and comfort me.
Some of Maddie’s favorite things were gnawing on her pillow…I think it soothed and relaxed her. She did it until a few days before she passed. I remember several years ago, one of her gnawing pillows was so torn and beat up that I decided to toss it in the garbage and get her another one. Well, Maddie wasn’t having none of that, she took it out of the garbage and put it back with her stuff. We had many pillows over the years for her, but she had her favorites, and they were patched up by her Doda (grandmother). She also loved Doggie Camp at PetSmart, especially if she could be around the little dogs.
Maddie loved to be outside…she loved the winter mostly because of the snow and would play in it whenever the first snowfall arrived. I miss my little girl so much…she was the brightness in my day because most of the time she was in a great mood. And when she was upset or unhappy about something, you knew because she was a very vocal little girl. She cried for food, water, outside, just about everything…I just had to figure out what each cry meant. She had a habit of tossing her water bowl if it was empty, just to get my attention. Lol
Maddie was the social butterfly in the family, she greeted everyone and was so easy going (unless of course she wasn’t happy). Maddie didn’t like when I watched shows like Big Brother or Game shows…I realized it was the yelling and the loud noises like bells or other things going off that she didn’t like, so I bought headphones so she couldn’t hear the noise, otherwise I’d have to change the channel because she’d climb on me and block my view of the tv, which made it difficult to watch.
I will miss you always Madisen…I know you are still here and every once in a while, I can smell her scent in the house…that’s when I know she is looking over me to be sure I’m ok.

Mickey McGregor

June 18, 2009-November 11, 2021

On November 11, 2021, it was with a heavy heart that I had to say goodbye to my Mickey. Unlike his sister Madisen, Mickey’s passing was expected but difficult, nonetheless. Mickey had hip dysplasia which had become debilitating and a decision was made before Madisen passed away to euthanize him. However, since Maddie passed away before we had a chance to do it, I postponed the euthanasia because I couldn’t bear to have both of them gone.
In the days after Maddie passed, Mickey was so heartbroken, he stared at the spot where his sister passed. So now he was not only dealing with his hip issue, he was depressed and sad about losing his sister. She was everything to him…they were from the same litter. It was a hard decision to let him go…I still regret it but know he is no longer in pain and is reunited with his loving sister, who I know is taking care of him at the Rainbow Bridge.
My little man Mickey was my special angel. His personality was very different than his sister Madisen. Where Maddie was independent, Mickey was dependent and a momma’s boy. He was sociable when he was a puppy, but after being neutered, his behavior changed. He became nervous and afraid of everything. Mickey was a difficult guy to walk. If he became scared of a loud noise during our walk, he would stop in his tracks and wouldn’t move. Getting him to move again was challenging most of the time as he was a big, strong dog, over 100 lbs. Mickey was a special needs dog, in that he had anxiety and was fearful of many things…but as long as Maddie and I were with him, he was fine. A previous dog walker of mine, who knew Mickey and Maddie very well, said she thought Mickey may have a touch of autism. We loved our Mickey…he was our special angel and my baby.
Mickey was a loving but very cautious dog. He loved to play, especially with his sister Maddie, but Maddie would grow annoyed with him because he’d play for a few minutes and get bored.
Some of Mickey’s favorite things were his toys and cookies (doggie treats). He loved going to Petsmart doggie camp and of course the car ride there. It was like his second home. Mickey was the type of dog who needed time to get to know new people in his life. Petsmart was the only place he felt comfortable, when outside of home. He loved the staff and was a very friendly and loving little boy. It broke my heart to say goodbye to him because he’s always needed me, and I was always there for him but this time I had to let him go…it’s still sad without him.

M & M are forever in my heart!
Lori (M & M’s mom)


Sep. 2003 – Dec. 2021

In the Summer of 2005 our little Buddy appeared on our back deck, abandoned, hungry and skinny, full of worms fleas and other stuff, he looked at me and started drooling and screaming, I thought he might be rabid. He was one of two drop offs. At first he begged at local homes for handouts. We fed him our cats left overs and he kept coming back, because of this we called him “the little mooch”, later just Mooch. He was always interested in my outdoor activities, he was my little helper and he would follow me around when I was outside. He would wait under a cedar hedge until I showed up, then he’d come rushing over, happy and excited to get the day moving. He would make sure all my jobs took extra-long to finish. Eventually summer turned into fall, our senior cat Jones crossed the rainbow bridge and we weren’t sure if we wanted another. We tried to rehome him but was having no luck, this later turned out to be a blessing for us. Mooch had this odd habit of getting onto our roof, neighbors would call me at work, worried my cat would fall off. It was when they called him my cat that I realized I had been adopted. Mooch and I grew up and we grew old together, we’ve both survived heart issues, back issues, good times and bad times together. Loved our times playing outside or just sleeping in his chair on the deck. He’s helped with every home reno and family feast since. He’s my shadow, my anchor, my little soul mate in a fur coat, always within reach never out of sight. Over the years our clocks seemed to wind down at the same rate, but as of late his winds down faster, and it is his time. From the day we met him he’s gone from an unwanted orphan to the master of the house. Lorna’s going to miss taking you for your walks on your leash and holding you in her lap on all the vet trips, as I chauffer us to our destination, something we will cherish forever. So now he’s going on ahead of Lorna and I, getting things all ready at our next place, where we will all be together and never separated again. Farewell my little buddy, smooth sailing over the rainbow, we’ll head bump again, on the other side of that bridge. love you my big guy

Death leaves a heart ache no one can heal,

Love leaves a memory no one can steal

(From an Irish head stone)

With Love,

Kevin and Lorna Carr


August 6, 2021

The Childs Family
Jason, Jennifer, Rachel, Jo and Daisy (Trigger’s companion)

8 years ago, we went to the local Humane Society ‘just to look’. Little did we know that we would be adopted that day by this amazing Husky mix, Trigger, who grabbed our attention and stole our hearts. He took us as his own that very day, and over the next 8 years became my hiking buddy, a companion to all, loved by most who met him, even if just once. His favorite season of course, was winter. He’d get so excited when he’d see the snow fall, and in the spring, he would always claim the last patch of remaining snow. He did like summer too unless it was too hot. But he especially liked summer days when we were camping and he got to go for a swim (okay, to chase sticks).
He was so happy last weekend when he got to go for one more camping trip, and he seemed reinvigorated by it!
However, while he spent most of the days since seeming like his younger self, Trigger went to sleep, peacefully, at home, only to ‘cross the rainbow bridge’, as they say.
Thank you Trigger, for adopting us, and for the memories you have left us with.


June 19, 2021

Our beloved Billi passed peacefully in her sleep on June 19th. She was with us for 15 years from the time she was 7 weeks old. She brought us boundless joy and energy. Billi loved to go for hour-long walks with Nikolas, swim, chase waves (and squirrels) and was confused by rabbits who sat still. People wondered what kind of “dragon” lived in our back yard as Billi would growl and shake her frisby ferociously whenever someone walked by. They would be surprised when they actually saw her gentle and wise face. We love you Billi. We miss you and miss your loving care of us. Who will take us for walks now? Auntie Dale, Miss Millie, Pat, Charlie (hope you have lots of treats) Sherri and Paul, and all your friends love you and miss you.

Elle Mycenae Woods, Esq.

June 1, 2021

My dearest Miss Elle.
You always were a diva, wanting to be in the center of everything, but on your terms. You brought us nearly seventeen years of laughter, drama, companionship, and love. From “reading” all those law cases, to taking a grassy stroll but refusing to have your paws touch the grass, to assessing the vet’s supplies, to being Miss Claws – each day that we shared with you was a gift and a blessing. We will cherish our memories forever and we know that you’ve gone in peace to join your brother Mister. Love you always.

Sammy Logue Ramsay

March 19, 2021

Since you passed into the spirit world our whole world seems shattered — our hearts are empty — our home just a house …… To say we miss you is a huge understatement … you took our hearts with you. Nanny spends everyday looking for you, calling your name, and crying. She deeply deeply misses your companionship— especially at mealtimes! You my sweet girl, filled our everyday with love and comfort!

I have shed many, many tears as have all the friends you had here in Canterbury and across Canada!
Many have come by to leave plants and flowers in your honor.
We also donated your beds – yes all 4 of them to the Rescue for Dogs group— they were happy – we saved your favorite toys -they will stay with us forever — as will your spirit!

YOU my sweet Sammy gave us the best 10.5 years ever— your unconditional love saw us through many different challenges! For 10.5 years you brought smiles and laughter to so so many children at the after school day care program… they loved you as much as you loved them and they miss you too— I have explained to them that your work here on earth was done and that the Creator needed you up there in heaven to play with all the children there— that they can see you every day in the blue skies and sunshine and that you are playing ball on the star that shines brightest every night!! You my sweet sweet Sammy are indeed the brightest star! We love you Sammy — we love you deeply and always will —You will never be forgotten — ever

Love, Mommy and Nanny xoxoxoxo
and all the family and friends…

Forever Sammy — always and forever — We would have never ever wanted to say goodbye to you- ever!


May 15, 2007 – March 5, 2021

You entered our life as a present to our daughter Angela on her 16th birthday and became such a precious member of our entire family in a way we couldn’t have imagined. You were just a little 4 pound, apricot and caramel coloured bundle of joy and evolved into a most cherished and gorgeous Mini Poodle, becoming near and dear to all who knew you. Your comical and entertaining ways were a treasure to behold and very much missed. A gentle spirit, who sensed our every mood and feeling and was always there when we needed you. We miss you immensely and take solace in your new found carefree existence over the Rainbow Bridge.

We love you and you will be in our hearts forever.

Love Mommy Daddy and Angela XO


January 15, 2005 – January 18, 2021

You came to us as a little puppy when we were only kids ourselves. A birthday gift for Mommy, you were the gift that kept on giving. You had a few goofy years, but overall trained like a dream and had 

such respect for the rules. You were so smart, counting out how many food scoops you got, and knowing who would come to the house and when based on a weekly schedule. You grew up with us: bearing witness to our engagement, marriage, and then graciously accepting two more children to join us, you were always such a Good Girl. You stuck with us through moving five times as well, and you welcomed any other pet you lived with over many years. And so, it is with such heavy hearts that we said goodbye to you. We will always cherish the years we had with you, especially the extra 2 years post-stroke. You will be missed by your family so much it hurts. You will be further missed by extended family and many friends and neighbours who knew you as “the gentle dog over the fence.” We know you’ll find your old friends Buddy, Gizmo, Maggie, Jane, Dakota, Mocha, Connie and probably many others over the Rainbow Bridge.

We’ll never forget how loyal, protective, gentle, funny, and snuggly you were. Hope you are chasing squirrels now and feeling forever young.


Mommy, Daddy, Anika, Marek, Grandma Debbie and Quasi

Dexter Wallace

December 12, 2020

With the sad departure of our beloved and cherished Dexter Wallace on November 12th, 2020, we reflect back on our eleven and a half years with him.
Although his passing was both devastating and heart wrenching, he will always be remembered as a big kind, fun loving, supportive companion, and a true member of our family.
When day to day activities sometimes brought you down, he was your best friend at your side and would listen and support you endlessly. Our trips around the Richmond lagoons and Dexter’s frolicking always brought joy to our hearts and a smile to our faces. We always arrived home happy and fulfilled.
Now the are we travelled and explored seem empty, barren and sad without our true friend and cherished companion.
We will always walk together in our loving memories and forever in our hearts.
Until we meet again my dear friend.

Rob and Dora


2009 – 2020

Cheyenne the way you changed our lives was unbelievable. You were only 3 weeks old and already in your mama’s arms. You were so little and delicate and we got to have you for 11 years of our lives. We wish it could’ve been for longer but you couldn’t do it anymore and we understood. We miss you so much and we think about you all the time but let me tell you baby girl Mama is always going to have you in her heart and she’s never ever going to forget you, your her fat fat girl as she would call you. Cross the rainbow bridge and enjoy eating as many treats as you can and chew up all the teddy’s you want up there because its your time. You will be never forgotten Baby girl 🥺🤍

Mama France and 2 big sisters Annick & Angèle


(Oct 2015 – Nov 2020)

Winnie you were truly the queen of our household. You were our first fur baby and we will never forget you. We are all already missing your little hops and constant kisses. Your presence and energy fulfilled our life for the 5 years you had with us. You will always be our babygirl and our love for you is timeless

Love Mom & Dad, Rico & Binnie

Dear Mortimer

(Jan 2004 – Sept 2020)

You were my first doggy love of my life and I will never forget you.  You will always be my loving pommy son and I will always be your pommy mommy. You have always been there for me to lift my spirits as well reminding how much you loved to go on walking adventures together. I will remember how you liked to lick the snow when you played outside, how you liked playing tag with squirrels, how you loved walking me instead of me walking you, how you made a funny face when we offered you peanut butter, and how you pawed at the ringing bell to tell me that you needed to go outside. You have been the alpha dog of our pack for 16 years and have always been my rock. Your younger brother pommy Mickey misses you.

You have lived a long full life and you will always have a special place in my heart . Please say hello to Sebastian, Douglas, and Minnie, and tell them we miss and love them all very much.

Always and forever your pommy mommy,


And, your pommy daddy and brothers (Scott, Mickey, and Nico)


(Aka: Kuds kuds, the sweety sweets, baby girl, sweetheart, gooby, Kuds)

Oct 3, 2007 to July 11, 2020

Our sweet baby girl gained her wings on July 11, 2020. This was the hardest decision I ever had to make.

Kodah you become part of my life when you were just 5.5 weeks old and you instantly stole my heart. I got you at the young age of 19, you grew with me into my adult years.

You have been there for me through the ups and downs, you were always happy go lucky and didn’t care where we were as long as we were together.

We created such a strong bond through the 12.5 years together.

When Nathan came into my life you instantly accepted him into our little circle. To see you guys form a bond in the last 3 years was beautiful to watch. You always reminded him that you only listen to mommy but you also showed him how much love you had for him with your kisses and butt wags.

Then came Zion, your crazy, hyper and much younger brother. You taught him manors, put him in his place but also showed him so much love. To see you guys cuddled up together everyday melted my heart.

You will forever be remember by your goofy personality, the way you pounced on your frisbee while getting mad and barking at it, your endless air kisses to anyone you met, your love for cuddling and how you had such an expressive face, especially your head tilts.

Our place feels so empty without you baby girl, you will forever be in our hearts and we will never forget you. Until we meet again.

Love Mommy, Daddy and Zion


June 19, 2020

We may have only had you for a short time, but you made our hearts so full. The house is quite without you here. You were the smartest dog and learned everything so quickly. We miss you so much but we have peace knowing you are with us at all times.

Til we meet again Our sweet boy


Sunny Babluck

2009 – 2020

We lost one of our fur children on July 11, 2020.

Our Sunny was laid to rest today after struggling with Cushings disease and liver damage.
Sunny had multiple names such as DohDoh, Brown dog, ChoCho, Monster man, Clikity Clack and just a little guy.

He was stubborn, loyal, protective, loving, smart and funny. He was also a jerk, a bully, barked at nothing and had no problem stealing food out of anyone hands.
Sunny was a one person owner but as our family grew, he adjusted with no issues. Sunny loved running after bubbles with Nicole , loved playing catch and had no problem barking at you if you didn’t play with him fast enough. He also barked at you if you did not feed-him on time. He was at his bowl every day at 5 pm sharp impatiently waiting.

He had a hard time listening, made me mad often. But despite of that, he completed our family !
Our home is going to be so quiet without you Sunny and we are all going to miss you so much.
I am glad you are no longer suffering but wish you could have stayed longer.

I am going to miss seeing you at the front door with your happy dance when I get home at the end of the day . I know Minnie will look for you and will miss you.

You were never “Just a dog”. You were a very important part of our family and you were loved dearly!

Rest In Peace my Boy!


August 15th, 2012 – June 5th, 2020

7 years ago,

in a little farmhouse in a little town near St-Jean sur le Richelieu, Marshall chose us.

Marshall was full of life; he had a larger than life personality. He was a lover of all food, walks and car rides, Marshall loved it all as long as he was surrounded by his family.

When Marshall was diagnosed with lymphoma im June of 2016, he did not slow down. He did not let the cancer bring him down and continued to be his goofy self. He received exceptional care from oncologist Dr. Hugues Lacoste at the Ottawa Animal Emergency Hospital. Unfortunately, after much chemotherapy and medication Marshall got tired.

When we think of Marshall, we do not think about the cancer and his law few months and days. We think of him as a goofy, sometimes sassy little man that has been and will always be the best dog a family can ask for.

Even though Marshall has crossed the rainbow bridge, he still remains in our hearts. He was our easiest hello and our hardest goodbye. He will forever be missed.

“You are our sun, our moon and all of our stars” Rest Easy, Marshy.

The Kingsley’s


June 10, 2020

It’s hard to believe that it was nearly 16 years ago that Jerry came into our lives. Clinging to his brother, he gradually warmed up to us and let us into his life. His slap stick sense of humour was qualified with a huge loving heart and the ability to illicit an “awe Jerry” with a chirp, coo or head thrust into your ribs.
Bound by his captors to remain indoors, his love for the screened porch grew. There was nothing better than to catch a summer country breeze while bathing in the warm sunlit glow of the afternoon. His one venture out of the house led to exciting times and coined the phrase “Jerry’s Excellent Adventure”. He adjusted to city life quickly and squirrel watching with his bro was an excellent hobby. He was never too far away, often bringing his toys to his peeps.
Despite his declining health, his spirit stayed strong until the very end. He will be forever remembered as a loving and important member of this family. He was loved dearly and has taken a piece of our hearts with him.


At almost 12.5 years old it was a tough day for me when I lost my bearded dragon JD. Words could not describe the heartache I had, he had been with me for so long. I brought him home at 5 weeks old when he wasn’t much bigger than my thumb. We had been through everything together since moving out on my own, and eventually moving in and starting a life with my now wife. She was always loving and supportive of him, even when he would get stuck climbing all over his 4×2 terrarium and require some assistance. His favorite treat was slices of strawberry, and he would always prop himself up using his tail to stand on his hind legs and watch us in the living room. I am very grateful for Paws at Rest and the services they offer us as pet parents.
Gordon Robbins


September 28, 2017 Romania – December 19, 2019 Oxford Station Ontario Canada

Breed: Tosa Inu a.k.a Japanese Mastiff

Takhero was an Angel sent to us at a time when we didn’t know how much we would need his unconditional loyalty and love!

This boy did not have the best start to his life but we hope he had the best time of his too short a life, 2 years 3 months with us.
We hope he knew how much we loved and cared for him and also how much he taught us about giant breed dogs. It was always a pleasure when we were out with him to talk to the numerous people that would approach us and always a joy to see their reaction to our beautiful, calm and well behaved giant!
He was a dog that touched many hearts in the mere 7.5 months he was with us.
He will always hold a place in the hearts of those who loved and cared for him; Cheryl Ann – his new mom who unfortunately never got to meet him in person but who cared for him all the way from her military posting in Bahrain. Cindy Draper from T&T Dogs Unleashed, she took on helping us work with him out of the kindness of her heart, allowing us to learn how rewarding living with a giant breed could be. Grant, Kathy and Gertie Seabrook, he was our angel and arrived during our first year operating our boarding facility, we truly believe that it is through our experiences with Takhero that we are able to provide other giant breed owners a place to feel confident in leaving their loved ones in our care.

We would like to thank Francine and Maria for their sincerity, empathy, and understanding. The service they provided us for Takhero’s cremation and preserving his memory in our hearts has been more than we expected and most certainly deserving of our beautiful boy.

The Seabrook’s

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