Memorial to Owen by Sue Milner

Sue Milner is an amazing woman who dedicates her life since September 11, 2001 to write poetry. We met Sue while she was facing a difficult time, at a time that she had to say goodbye to her two wonderful and precious cats  “Lucifer & Zena” on the dame day.

After knowing why we started Paws at Rest and what happened with Owen, Sue wrote a beautiful poem dedicated to him

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts we will never forget your kindness

Francine & Maria

RIP Owen

When we gaze around the room

we see your shadow on the wall

& feel your spirit rushing by us

so those memories we still recall.


Precious times we spent together

will forever echo through our mind

so we will cherish those moments

in all those pictures that we’ll find.


Our hearts are filled with sadness

for this emptiness you’ve left behind

& every day we still think about you

as we help others find peace of mind.


There is a Sanctuary in your memory

where loved ones pets can go to rest

so they’ll share your beautiful garden

and forever lie beside the very best.


Paws at Rest will be there to help you

when your world is turned upside down

to help you through those mournful days

when beloved pets are no longer around.

© Sue Milner

July 10,2016

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