Dealing with Grief

Only pet owners really know how important a pet becomes to their family. Losing that member of the family, can be difficult and traumatic. Pet owners need time to grieve.  Elisabeth Kubler-Ross explains the five stages of grief in her book Death and Dying….denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. 

Everyone who has lived through a loss needs to experience these five stages to be able to continue with a healthy life.  Each person will go through them at their own pace and will deal with the stages in their own way.  It’s important to remember that even though you may reach the acceptance stage you can easily go through the stages again when a special day or event arrives.  Each time the stages go by a little faster and with a little less pain. And there is no need to go through the stages alone.  With the loss of a beloved family pet, Paws at Rest can help you every step of the way.